COVID numbers spell out our good fortune



We definitely must not gloat but let’s permit us to feel exceptionally lucky to be living in the NT.

Our head spins listening on the news to COVID stats the world over: In Oz we’re dealing in single figures. In the US and UK it’s in the hundreds.

And in the NT? Well, it’s paradise. Have a look at the table.

The death rate in the US and the UK is more than four times that of the world. Italy’s is five times.

Australia’s death rate is less than a fifth of the world’s.

We don’t have any deaths in the NT, and no community transmission.

More than half the NT’s 83 “confirmed cases” are from 2384 international arrivals since October 23 and are quarantined (694 at the moment). 70 have recovered. There are just 13 “active cases”.

Happy New Year!


UPDATE January 6 at 9.30am

A recent incident shows security to be embarrassingly ineffective at Howard Springs, says Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Gerard Maley.

Vision shared on media yesterday shows a woman casually hopping a fence and walking off from the quarantine facility.

“This was not a cleverly planned, covert escape under the cover of darkness. The woman simply hopped the fence in broad daylight and strolled out.

“This is also not the first time the lack of appropriate security measures at Howard Springs have been highlighted, including video of a rave at the facility that emerged in October. Territorians have a right to be concerned,” says Mr Maley in a media release.

“The Howard Springs facility is not in an isolated area and there are numerous homes, businesses and shopping centres within walking distance. The safety of local residents must be paramount.

“The Chief Minister and Health Minister need to immediately explain why someone would be allowed to simply walk away from the facility undetected and whether similar incidents have occurred in the past.”


UPDATE January 7, 2.40am

Police have issued an infringement notice to a 33-year-old woman for leaving the Howard Springs Quarantine Facility.

At around 5:25pm on Tuesday she scaled the fence but was located about 200 metres from the facility and taken back without incident, police say.

The infringement penalty is $5,056 for an individual and $25,280 for a business.


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