Alice all quiet while world is in COVID turmoil



Compared to the yet again increasing number of COVID-related restrictions interstate, the New Year’s Eve police message in The Centre could be from another era.

“Police will have a visible policing presence to ensure community safety and prevent offending,” says Commander Craig Laidler in a media release.

“We urge all revellers to enjoy the night and not engage in anti-social behaviour.

“If you’re going to drink, do it responsibly.

Police will be targeting drink and drug driving to prevent road related harm.” 

That, combined with the marvellous weather, is likely to ensure the switch from 2020 to 2021 will be remembered here for the best of reasons.

But deep down in our hearts we will remember the untold misery the pandemic is causing around the world.

PHOTO from 2011.


  1. It is indeed from another era. The kahaki police will never be replaced from another so called more progressive era.
    They were never bothered by racism, but did what they hey had to do irrespective of skin or colour, with little acknowledgment from the popular press, but with respect from the general population.

  2. Whoever recommended the switch from khaki uniforms clearly didn’t study physics.
    It is almost common knowledge that the darker the object the greater absorption of sunlight which is converted to heat.
    No wonder some of our constabulary get hot under the collar.

  3. @ Surprised! You sure are full of surprises – thank you for that. I stand corrected, the Ninja coloured police uniforms are not the cause for some police getting hot under the collar. Must be another reason.
    Are you aware of any research on the constabulary’s Swiss Army knife type belts they wear? (You know the ones – taser, baton, nail clippers, torch etc.)

  4. The police switched from khaki because they wanted their uniform to be distinct from that of prison officers.

  5. @ Frank Baarda: Frank, the reason that some are unnecessarily aggressive, is that when they did the Psych test, someone typed in “Psychrometric Test” instead of “Psychometric Test”.
    This was probably the same person who was asked to find out about heating / cooling effects of the different coloured uniforms.
    They just got confused 🙂

  6. @ Jon: Probably the same reason they did not choose Guantanamo Bay orange.
    @ Surprised! You’re probably right.


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