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A Tassie winter’s day for Santa in Alice

Wot? Dressed for a winter’s day in Tassie? Dark clouds, rain, 16 degrees?

Hard to believe but this is Christmas Eve in Alice Springs in 2020.

No-one’s complaining as this is the end of a long drought and the forecast for Christmas Day tomorrow is mostly fine and 25, predicts Charlie Carter in the Old Eastside.

He says he’s had 75 mm of rain as of 9 am today.

“With a 160 mm up to the end of November, this will bring us up close to the annual average for the year.

“By far the best fall we have had since December 2016, with about the same amount at the same time of year.”

An earlier fall of 50 mm brought the December total for 2016 up to 125mm.

“Wishing you and all your readers a peaceful and Covid-free New Year,” says Dr Carter (pictured).


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