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Chaotic COVID quarantining in Alice Springs: Lambley


Sir – The events over the past 24 hours have demonstrated very clearly that the NT is not equipped nor capable of providing supervised COVID quarantining for both Australians arriving from overseas AND Territorians arriving from interstate.

The NT is now completely overburdened and not coping.

Today we have heard countless reports of Territorians being mistreated; ill informed; not provided their basic needs; kept waiting for many hours in vehicles to be admitted; not being medically tested for COVID; families being split up; and generally left in a state of complete chaos and uncertainty.

The Gunner Government has focused on providing a COVID quarantine service to Australians returning from overseas at Howard Springs.

They have inadequately prepared for the scenario that has unfolded since Monday morning, particularly in Alice Springs.

The chaos at the Alice Springs quarantine centre, called “The Todd”, is unacceptable. There seems to be no consistency or sense in some of the decisions being made.

The Gunner Government has done well up until now in providing a clear and appropriate response. The Gunner Government’s response to the current situation, however, has been chaotic, disorganised and inappropriate.

Does the NT Government continue to provide a COVID quarantine to Australians returning from overseas at the expense of Territorians?

Or does it realise our limitations and look after Territorians fairly and respectfully first?

Robyn Lambley MLA, Member for Araluen


  1. I would appear that the Member for Araluen is aware of something unbeknown to many of us in Alice Springs who are adhering to the safety requirements of Covid-19, eg her comments: “The Gunner Government’s response to the current situation however, has been chaotic, disorganised and inappropriate.”
    I would ask the independent member to provide clear information and not just the political spin about her concerns, and in the spirit of community safety let us know what “chaos and disorganisation” we all need to be aware of, to avoid whatever it is that is “inappropriate”.
    The member has served this community for a long time with impressive support to bear this out.
    I hope this continues in a way that keeps us all informed about whatever health concerns she may be aware of.
    I thank her for highlighting concerns but please, tell us clearly what we all need to know.

  2. My daughter, partner and three children were released to our residence at midnight on Tuesday night after sitting outside the Todd for four hours.
    They have not been checked on since they arrived, nor any direction given.
    I took it upon myself to call the hotline yesterday where I spoke to an Alice Springs hospital nurse, who advised my husband and I do not need to quarantine.
    This does not make sense to me.
    So much confusion.

  3. It appears the hot spot revocation for all of SA that occurred was to ease the pressure on the quarantine system, nothing to do with health advice.
    The NT Government has had the best part of nine months to get prepared and this is the result.
    Heaven help us if the virus surfaces in Alice.


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