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Children running riot in cars in the middle of town caught on camera


Police arrested youths after a pursuit in Alice Springs last night.

This followed when two cars were filmed by bystanders driving at high speeds and doing wheelies at the southern end of Todd Mall, in the centre of the CBD (see video below).

Dozens of pedestrians were in acute danger.

Police say a Hyundai Accent stolen from Larapinta Drive was sighted “being driven recklessly through the Alice Springs CBD” in an area with heavy traffic and pedestrians.

Using CCTV and drones, police were able to track the vehicle and shortly after 10pm police apprehended a 14-year-old boy, who was allegedly the driver, and a 16-year-old boy passenger.

The release quotes Detective Senior Sergeant Rob Jordan: “A coordinated effort by officers from Strike Force Viper, the drone pilot and General Duties officers on duty last night were quick to effect this arrest. The vehicle has been seized for further forensic testing.”

Charges relating to the incident are pending.

A second vehicle stolen overnight, a silver Toyota Corolla with no plates attached, was also being driven recklessly in Alice Springs and remains outstanding.

“The driving behaviour of these youths is extremely concerning.

“I can’t stress enough that although it’s a right to be able to leave doors unlocked and belongings anywhere the reality is there are people who do not respect this.

“I ask that everyone be mindful in locking their houses at night and when not home.

“Do not leave your car keys easily accessible to would-be crooks. If we take away any opportunities from these youths it will assist in reducing this type of behaviour.”



UPDATE November 8, 5.40am

Police say offenders seen in the footage above taken on November 6 have been charged and will appear in court.

Meanwhile police say in a media release this morning that after events on November 7 (last night) a 14-year-old boy is facing charges of “aggravated unlawful use of motor vehicle and drive unlicensed” after a stolen Toyota Corolla was seen being driven recklessly in Gillen.

“A police pursuit was terminated for safety reasons, however using drone technology the vehicle was followed and apprehended without incident on Larapinta Drive around 9.30pm.

“Around 11pm, a Ford Falcon was observed being driven in a dangerous manner around Alice Springs,” says the release.

“A police pursuit was terminated for safety concerns and the vehicle tracked, and was apprehended on Larapinta Drive.

“The 27-year-old male driver was charged with medium range drink driving; drive unregistered and uninsured, drive manner dangerous and fail to stop when called upon.

Two teenaged girls were apprehended around midnight and have been arrested for breaching their bail conditions.

Around 1am, police received a report of two men unlawfully entering a licensed premises on Traeger Avenue. Two men, aged 34 and 24, were located hiding on the premises and have been charged with unlawful entry and stealing.

All offenders will face court this week.

Officer in Charge of Strike Force Viper, Detective Senior Sergeant Rob Jordan, is quoted in the release: “These arrests are the result of another well-coordinated response by Strike Force Viper, General Duties officers and drone pilots.”


  1. Time for a curfew. If anyone is found loitering without a reason should be made to go to a bush or town boot camp.
    I think although it may not be ideal those who do military style rehabilitation to learn discipline and respect for society is desperately needed.
    No more government delays or excuses.
    Something needs to be put in place this year in time for Christmas otherwise this year may not be a happy Christmas for anyone.

  2. Another thing I have noticed recently, a few cars in town with one screw missing from the rear or front number plate.
    The car plate just hanging down.
    I have then even seen two cars without any registration plates.
    One car was a well kept early 80s European looking sedan and another car, an early 90s model 4WD white Hilux.
    Is someone stealing number plates or attempting to remove plates in preparation to steal a car? All of these vehicles with plates hanging loose or without plates did not contain any youths of any race as a driver or passengers of these cars.
    What’s going on?

  3. Where are all the “Kids on Country” mob now?
    Youth bailed to homes that don’t care, and boot camps that don’t exist.

  4. Breaking into people’s homes day and night is another big problem in town and should be put out there in your paper to get people more vigilant to seeing what is around them and in their neighbourhood.

  5. Time for an Andrews-style curfew and a tough stance on children and their delinquent parents.
    The time and expectation for discipline by community Elders has passed as those traditional structures were long ago disenfranchised in favour of police forces and judicial systems.
    It’s unlikely the NT police will hand back that power and control to community.
    The police, ACPOs, local council and relevant NT pollies need to do the job to ensure civility and safety of everyone in Alice Springs.

  6. The NT Government must legislate and build a seriously tough boot camp with No visitors outside of Alice Springs and protect wardens working within from spurious claims.

  7. This footage went on for over a minute, where the hell were the cops?
    There are more SA vehicles getting around town, there are a lot more camping along river on Ross Highway.
    Where is Central Land Council etc – quick to take tax payers’ money but do nothing about their Aboriginal youth abusing society.
    BLM bullshit when they don’t show respect even for their own race.
    Can hear people laughing in footage – wouldn’t be laughing if the vehicle slammed into someone killing them. But they would just get out on bail.
    People have forgotten about the young lad hit and run on his motorbike, family had to turn off his life support. Where’s the justice?
    You don.t see WLM protests.


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