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Assault figures worsen


Assault figures in Alice Springs have worsened, according to police statistics.

They show that in the year ending July 2020 assaults had increased 12% over the previous year while in the following month the corresponding increase was 17%.

For domestic violence related assaults the growth was from 19% to 25%, and for alcohol related assault, the figure nearly doubled from 11% to 20%.

Motor vehicle theft statistics remained the same, a drop of 33%.







  1. Surprise, surprise.
    We had rocks thrown at our car on the Stuart highway on Monday night from the railway yards.
    This is getting bloody ridiculous.

  2. @ Peter Thornton: Yes, my daughter with one year old granddaughter in the back had the same last week. Same location.
    The cops caught up them … and apparently had a talk to them.
    Probably the same kids.
    It will take an “incident” to change things.
    Current NT Government has no concern, with Alice being 1500kms away from the centre of their universe.

  3. @ Confused? Unfortunately there have been many “incidents” but instead of the law doing something that will be a deterrent, we become desensitised to it all.
    Perhaps that is the Government’s way of dealing with it without upsetting the do gooders.


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