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Afternoon tea, anyone?


How about coffee next week?

Sure. Where?

Oh, about 35 km north of Alice Springs, by the side of the road. Jose Petrick is making a chocolate cake. There will also be cold water if it’s a warm day.

This “it could only happen here” story is all about the marker of the Stuart Highway’s highest point.

Says David Hewitt, vice-president of the McDouall Stuart Branch of the National Trust: “Several years ago the sign indicating the height above sea level of this point disappeared.

“Last year the government was reminded that this small but important tourist attraction was missing.

“Last week the sign was replaced, and to celebrate its return and to thank the department concerned, local writer and historian, Jose Petrick suggested an afternoon tea at the site.”

Mr Hewitt says retired surveyor Barry Allwright will be there to answer questions on the construction of the “impressive cairn” that holds the sign.

“In mid afternoon the sun will be in the right position for photographs.”

The cairn was built by Mick Sahariv, a survey assistant with the Lands and Survey Branch and his son in 1962 and the height on the original sign was in feet.

Barry says it had been replaced on several occasions, but this time tamper-proof fixings have been used.

See you at 3pm next Thursday!


UPDATE 7.35am October 3

Jose says: “Please bring your own afternoon tea, water and a chair.”


  1. I should mention that the second most important person involved in the building of this cairn was Geoffrey Liddle.
    The work involved in shaping and breaking the stones was done on the west side of the highway, the laying was done my my father who was excellent with his hands, and a perfectionist in all matter of constructions etc.
    Thank you to all those who have shown an interest in this revival of the Cairn especially, Barry Allwright.


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