Renewable energy: Town Council takes another step



The Town Council supported unanimously a motion by Cr Jimmy Cocking on Monday to “investigate potential options for managing waste associated with the renewable energy industry” and to advocate for a national approach to that.

This will include solar panels and batteries reaching the end of their life.

Leading up to this the council has 42 environmental “actions” under way or just retired ranging from replacing inefficient lights in council buildings (25% complete) to using renewable energy for half of the council’s electricity demand (50% complete).

Both of those had started at the beginning of 2018 and have the end of next year as a target date.

Only eight of them are complete, having started between 2018 and this year and have the end of next year as a target date.

Included are blankets for the heated pool and “ensure bicycles and electric bicycles (not clear how many) are available during working hours and encourage their use”.

Complete but apparently not successful was lobbying the Power Water Corporation to reduce emissions from wastewater (sewage ponds pictured above) by investigating water efficiency programs and wastewater treatment.

The answer from PWC: “Due to logistics, health risks and infrastructure repair costs wastewater cannot be utilised.”

Sadly still “in queue” and with a 0% completion are “increasing awareness” of climate change mitigating and “support innovation through local responses”.

“Issues, delays” in the too hard basket marked in red are:–

• A rolling fund for efficiency projects and renewable energy (no money).

• Get a new electric vehicle every year (no money).

• Open Up unused council land for solar projects (no explanation; about half of the municipal area has nothing built on it).

• Implement a kerbside recycling service (no explanation).

You can find the spreadsheet here – scroll all the way down.


  1. I read the spreadsheet, unfortunately. When I woke up, I was disappointed that so many things were still “in progress”.

  2. Despite what some may think, water is the most precious of resources and is hardy renewable.
    For PWC to say “due to logistics, health risks and infrastructure repair costs wastewater cannot be utilised” is the ultimate cop out and insult to our intelligence!
    If people accept this kind of answer from the government, then all governments everywhere can use the same excuse.
    My cynicism has always been fuelled by the hypocrisy of governments sprouting that saving the planet and recycling are the number one priority, when trying to win taxpayer confidence, but in reality it’s only a priority until the point where it costs money.


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