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CLP to put ALP last


As parties and independent candidates are compiling their how to vote cards a spokeswoman for the Country Liberal Party has said it will always put Labor last.

Candidates, party officials and media looked on this afternoon as random lots drawn electronically by the Electoral Commission decided the positions on the ballot papers of the four Central Australian electorates in the August 22 election.

The results of the ballot positions draw were:-

ARALUEN: Bernard Hickey (Greens), Domenico Pecorari (Federation Party), Wayne Wright (Independent), Jackson Ankers (ALP), Damien Ryan (CLP), Robyn Lambley (Territory Alliance).

BRAITLING: Joshua Burgoyne (CLP), Scott McConnell (Ind), Dale Wakefield (ALP), Marli Banks (Federation Party), Kim Hopper (Ind), Dale McIver (Territory Alliance), Chris Tomlins (Greens).

NAMATJIRA: Tony Willis (Ind), Nikki McCoy (Greens), Sheralee Taylor (ALP), Bill Yan (CLP), Catherine Satour (Federation Party), Matt Paterson (Territory Alliance).

GWOJA: Chancey Paech (ALP), Phillips Alice (CLP), Kenny Lechleitner (Federation Party).

BARKLY: Steve Edington (CLP), Daniel Mulholland (Ind), Gadrian Hoosan (Ind), Sid Vashist (ALP).


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