Diversity at the top in council … for next seven weeks



For the next seven weeks the Town Council will be headed by by Jamie de Brenni as Mayor and Jimmy Cocking as Deputy Mayor.

Cr de Brenni was a shoo-in as acting Mayor, as predicted last week, with Cr Glen Auricht nominating him, seconded Cr Jacinta Price.

Another nomination would have been pointless and all five councillors at the special meeting raised their hands for him.

Mayor de Brenni will wear the crown (or chain, more accurately) until after the results of the NT elections become clear and any unsuccessful candidates apply to be reinstated to their former positions.

If the former Mayor does to apply to be reinstated, Mayor de Brenni looks set to remain in the position until the end of council’s term (August 2021). However, Cr Eli Melky has given notice that he intends to challenge this.

The former Mayor, Deputy Mayor and two councillors are contesting the NT election. Former councillors Marli Banks and Catherine Satour resigned almost immediately after announcing their candidature, while former Mayor Damien Ryan and former Deputy Mayor Matt Paterson waited until the eleventh hour.

With all four now absent from council, the remaining five met tonight, together with officers and staff.

Going into the special meeting it looked like only an interim mayor would be appointed – the recommendation of officers.

However, Cr Cocking argued that council should create a “caretaker mode” for itself during this period, with a a solidly structured leadership.

He won over Cr Auricht who nominated him, though it looked for a while that he wouldn’t get a seconder.

Meanwhile Cr Price nominated herself. But no-one seconded her self-nomination.

Then Cr Melky put up his hand to second Cr Cocking and the deed was done. 

Cr Cocking’s appointment as Deputy Mayor will be revisited at the end of September.



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  1. “If the former Mayor does to apply to be reinstated …” is contrary to what happens in real life.
    I left my wife so I could pursue a new young and vibrant girlfriend.
    After a month, my new girlfriend rejected me so I went back to my wife, but I couldn’t understand why my wife din’t want me back!
    Signed, your very committed to the ratepayers who pay my exorbitant wage and in the interests of and long term prosperity of Alice Springs. Mayor.
    On what planet is this acceptable?


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