Architect & heritage campaigner to run in Araluen for Federation Party


Mr Pecorari on left, with fellow candidates Ken Lechleitner, Catherine Satour and Marli Banks. Photo supplied. 


Professional architect and passionate heritage campaigner, Domenico Pecorari will run for the Federation Party in the seat of Araluen.


Mr Pecorari is a long-time resident of Araluen, first coming to town in 1984 during the tourism boom years.


He has gained keen insights into The Alice’s development and a deep appreciation of town planning issues as they affect the economic prosperity of the town and region.


His work experience includes ten years of administering building programs in central Australian Aboriginal communities, as well as managing heritage conservation work on many of central Australia’s historic places.  He held the NT Government’s Heritage Advisor position for the southern region for twenty years until its dissolution in 2015.


Mr Pecorari is also one of the founders of Heritage Alice Springs in 2003, an association dedicated to the protection and promotion of heritage places in Alice Springs and the central Australian region. 


He has a significant personal investment in the town’s future through his purchase and on-going restoration of one of the town’s most intact heritage-listed railway cottages, located in Railway Terrace.


Being of Italian descent, he also has an acute understanding of multi-cultural issues and the role that culture can play in the revitalisation of Alice Springs.  His many extended stays in Italy have provided him the opportunity to see our town from a distance, and experience first hand ideas that may be adapted in revitalising The Alice.


A community-minded family man, with two grown-up and very independent daughters, Mr Pecorari now has the time to share the many town planning ideas that he has developed over the last thirty years:


“On nearing the end of a busy professional working life and having seen how Alice Springs has been shamelessly neglected and betrayed by both major Territorian political parties, I have decided to dedicate time to being part of a team who want change and ensure that our town has a future through good planning, community involvement inspired by the attitude inherited from our region’s pioneers and Indigenous community,”  he says.


Source: Federation Party media release.





  1. Good on you for throwing your hat in the ring Dom, but I have no idea what the group’s policies are.
    Ken Lechleitner has stood before for some forgotten short lived party.
    And what the hell is the name supposed to mean?

  2. @ Charlie Carter: Thank you Charlie for your good wishes and interest.
    The short answer, Charlie, is that the Australian Federation Party takes its name from the process that created a unified nation out of six individual British colonies, in 1901, whilst maintaining states’ rights.  
    In a similar way, our modern political party provides overall support but gives its candidates and members of Parliament the power to determine their own particular policies as they relate to local conditions and community values, policies which I am presently helping to formulate with Catherine Satour, Marli Banks and Kenny Lechleitner.


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