US Marine in Darwin has tested positive for Covid-19


A 21-year-old US man on deployment in Darwin has tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19).


The man has been in quarantine since his arrival in Darwin on 8 July.


Complying with the current guidelines, the man has been in quarantine on barracks in Darwin since arrival. He has had no contact with the public.


The man is now under the care of Royal Darwin Hospital in isolation.


All 32 cases of COVID-19 in the NT are related to international or interstate travel, with no cases of community transmission.


Source: Secure NT media release, 10 July 2020



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  1. Why are we letting in anyone from the US right now? Military or otherwise.
    They have the worst number of COVID cases in the world, the most idiotic leader (if thats what you can call him) on the planet and we still need war games.
    Seriously, the last thing we need is more COVID cases just because of a military let alone from travellers.


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