Who gets free quarantine at this facility?



Who gets free accommodation for mandatory quarantine, normally costing $2500 according to Chief Minister Michael Gunner, in the new The Ross facility (pictured)?

Will visitors from Victoria? 

We put that question marked “urgent” to the NT Government’s Covid Media at 2.05pm yesterday but still don’t have a reply.

We will update this report if and when we receive one from the NT Government.

It told us on April 6 that the Ross Facility on the Ross Highway is for people who “do not have the ability to self-isolate at home, or the means to pay for commercial accommodation”.

The government has announced that “from 17 July anyone arriving into the Northern Territory from or through the state of Victoria in the last 14 days must undertake 14 days mandatory supervised quarantine. 

“This will be at your own cost. The cost per person for supervised quarantine is $2500,” said the NT Government release. 

SecureNT told us on April 6: “The Ross Facility is a secure facility which operates separate to existing services in the area [and] has been set up to assist with the isolation of suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19.”

 The facility has 20 beds.