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Deloitte to close Alice Springs office



The international accounting form Deloitte will close it Alice Springs office on September 30 but says it will serve its clients in The Centre via its Darwin office.


A spokeswoman says “the majority” of staff have been offered redeployment.


The manager of the Alice office, Neil McLeod is also the chairman of the local Chamber of Commerce whose motto is being “The Voice of Territory Business”.


But Mr McLeod failed to be vocal about the developments within the business he heads up, not responding to questions from the Alice Springs News.


We received a reply from the company’s media office which said: ‘We have made the decision to consolidate our operations in the Northern Territory into our Darwin office.


“Accordingly the lease for our Alice Springs office, due to expire at 30 September 2020, will not be renewed.


“We will continue to serve clients in Alice Springs through our Darwin office, with the majority of staff in Alice Springs offered redeployment opportunities to our Darwin office.


“We are in the process of talking to our clients about these developments.”





  1. It is now crystal clear that business is consolidating in Darwin.
    What will become of our town with all this economic turmoil going on?
    Businesses and people are leaving left, right and centre.

  2. It would be advisable for all Alice Springs and Central Australian businesses to utilise Alice Springs accountants.
    If Deloitte cannot support Alice Springs Business it naturally follows we cannot do the same.
    There are plenty of accountants in Alice Springs who would be happy for the work.
    Stay Local, Buy Local.

  3. Looks like we’re going to have to change the name of the building from its current “Deloitte House”.
    Ah well, it wouldn’t be setting a precedent – for many years it was called Sturt House but in fact was originally named “Stuart House” when the building was opened in 1973.
    The first name didn’t last long and, although I haven’t sighted any documentary evidence, I suspect it was changed when it was realised there was already a “Stuart House” in town.
    This was the still brand new south wing of the Melanka government hostel adjoining Stuart Terrace.
    Well, poor old Melanka has long gone and Deloitte is leaving so maybe the original name of Stuart House can be restored.
    Who says history is forgotten when we have site name changes?
    [ED – Alex, we should have a party with the ABC. They used to occupy the top floor. And the Tourist Commission (yes, that’s the mob that actually knew how to promote The Centre) was on floor one or two.]

  4. Erwin, the top floor was actually built at the request of the ABC as the building was originally intended to be two storeys.
    The NT Tourist Commission was one of the early occupants of the building, along with the Housing Commission, too.
    Thanks to Cyclone Tracy, the headquarters of the Tourist Commission was relocated there from Darwin, and remained in Alice Springs at various locations until 1992.


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