NT borders to open July 17


The Chief Minister has today announced the Northern Territory will end its mandatory quarantine arrangements for all interstate arrivals from 12:01am on Friday 17 July.


Tourism NT says based on the evidence, the NT Chief Health Officer recommended a 28-day assessment period before opening NT borders – which is two COVID-19 replication cycles.


From 17 July, all arrivals from interstate will not have to self-quarantine for 14 days before enjoying the Territory. International arrivals will still be required to undergo 14 days of mandatory self-quarantine.


Building on the activities which have continued during the recent months to keep the Northern Territory top of mind of Australians planning a holiday, Tourism NT will be live with a national marketing campaign to be announced by the Minister for Tourism, Sport and Culture very soon.


Tourism NT has been engaging closely with our domestic airlines over the past three months, and we anticipate further capacity announcements shortly on the back of this announcement.









  1. This prolonged border closure is a complete overstepping of Gunner’s powers.
    It is unfortunate that Federal Government is not taking stronger action to challenge these constitutional issues in court.
    It is not the role of the Gunner Government to wrap us in cotton wool and protect us at all costs. It is the role of the Gunner Government to defend our freedom and abide by our constitution – clearly this does not align with Gunner’s ideology of state power and control.
    This is further compounded by the Government having zero understanding of wealth creation, productivity and private enterprise.
    The public sector is not what drives our economy and lifestyle.
    There is no need to delay the opening, there is no science behind it.
    There is no “14 day” period for corona virus. There are cases, in Australia, of the virus lasting 11 weeks.
    It is unlikely we will see Coronavirus completely disappear in this country.
    The delay is not strong, consistent leadership. It is fear, arrogance, power and control.
    Get out of the way, gGvernment, and let people get on with their lives.
    Show some real guts like SA and open the borders at midnight!

  2. @ Psuedo Guru. Unfortunately that will never happen as it would make a mockery of everything that was said to get it closed.
    All of the future arguments for closing such sites would be undermined.
    We need to create a new man made structure which can capture the imagination or inspiration for people all over the world to see.
    The hard bit is coming up with such an idea.

  3. @ Interested Darwin Observer (Posted June 19, 2020 at 9:19 am): Two days ago I posted the following comment on another website.
    “I understand the Commonwealth is seeking to intervene in the High Court challenges to the border closures in support of the plaintiffs.
    “The states have a degree of autonomy under the Australian Constitution; but my home jurisdiction of the Northern Territory does not as self-government exists courtesy of an Act of the Commonwealth.
    “To my mind it begs the question why the Federal Government doesn’t intervene to overturn the NT Government’s border closures, given its attitude to this issue.
    “It wouldn’t be without precedent, eg. the overturning of euthanasia legislation over two decades ago.”
    The next day, without warning or consultation, the CM announced the opening of the NT’s borders in a month’s time.
    A question that arises is this; if the state and territory border closures are adjudged to be unconstitutional, does this not mean the NT Government is liable for just compensation for all who have been adversely impacted by this decision?
    And if this is the case, how can the NT Government afford it?
    Perhaps this is the straw that breaks the camel’s back of NT self-government.

  4. With the increase of reported cases in Victoria going up, might want to rethink this one.


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