Call for more funding to bring back ABC Open




Sir – Local ABC radio and television is essential for Central Australia.


Funding needs to be increased to give us more not less news and local stories to deepen understanding across our diverse local community.


We need to increase more air time for positive healthy initiatives.


Our wider community needs more skills on how to communicate these stories, especially with those who may look at and live the world differently to us.


We need to also highlight our common ground and healing differences.


And we need increased funding to support the wider community to tell their own stories in a wide variety of media forms, like ABC Open used to do.


And the added short term benefit is more local jobs to create a healthier happier place for all of us to live in, especially long term.

Chris Hawke
Alice Springs





  1. It would be nice but calling for funding on anything public puts our kids in huge debt. The days of asking for money are well and truly gone.
    TVNZ was the ABC of New Zealand, now it is fully privatised and making a small profit but not much.
    Newscorp has just closed most regional papers.
    Unemployment in reality is at 20% higher than the great depression.
    The Northern Territory has and is subsidised by Australia and will be for generations, however Australia is in debt to its eyeballs.
    We need to get used to this, the mindset is lagging in reality.
    We will now see government spending cut to the bone as we recover.
    This is the reality.
    I expect the ABC to be privatised like TVNZ in the near future.
    Sorry to say this Australia.
    In regard to economic reality, as they say: “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

  2. How does increasing funding contribute to the goal of providing more news and local stories that deepen understanding within the diverse local community? Can you elaborate on the specific areas or initiatives where additional funding would be allocated to achieve this objective, and what impact do you anticipate it having on the community’s access to information and awareness of local issues?
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