Rug up time in the Farm Area


We had a freezing morning: Minus 0.4 degrees at 6.49 am, according to the Bureau of Metereology (BOM).


This bird bath in the rural area is living proof. It’s always a bit cooler south of The Gap than in town.


It is the year’s first below-zero day.


Monday and Tuesday next week are the next next, predicts BOM.


The forecasts, for the Alice airport, are (with the maximum temperatures in brackets):  Thu 0.6 (24.5), Fri 6.4(26.2); Sat 7(21); Sun 3(17); Mon -0.3(16.5), Tue -0.2(17.7); Wed 0.8(19.4).


Rug up!



UPDATE 10.58am


Local historian Alex  Nelson writes there is a lot of comment this morning about zero and sub-zero temperature recorded at Alice Springs weather station.


“However, it was somewhat milder – and a lot closer to the BOM’s forecast – at my home in the Old Eastside where it never went below 5C earlier at dawn.


“Also, frost tender plants nearby (the humble spud) show no sign of damage. Almost always there is a significant difference between town temps (and rainfall – gosh, what’s that?) and records at the Alice Airport.”





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