Petitioners, scrutiny miss out in 'arrogant' Gunner Parliament


Pet owners who are renting a dwelling lost their case in Parliament today.
Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro (at right) says the Gunner Government “has continued with its arrogance” by refusing to accept a petition with more than 8,300 signatures demanding the right for tenants to have pets.
“A petition barely takes a minute to present. This just shows again the Gunner Government’s hubris and arrogance,” says Ms Finocchiaro.
She also says Mr Gunner’s Government had shut down scrutiny in Parliament.
“Other Australian parliaments have continued to conduct question time when sitting recently during the COVID-19 crisis, but the Gunner Government thinks it’s too good for it. It’s writing its own rules. It’s disgraceful.”
Meanwhile Independent Member for Araluen (now Territory Alliance), Robyn Lambley (at left), says she was blocked by the government from tabling a petition signed by 2000, calling for a Youth Curfew in Alice Springs in view of the “escalating problem of youth crime … still a major problem in despite the restrictions placed on movement and gatherings with the COVID – 19 response.”


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