Cancellation of fireworks is disappointing: Oppsition


Sir – The Labor Government’s decision to cancel Territory Day fireworks is very disappointing for Territorians who would have been looking forward to it during a time where there is little ability to celebrate.
While Territory Day is still a couple of months away, Territorians look forward to this unique celebration of the anniversary of self-government. Fireworks have always been an important part of that celebration.
There is no question that we need to take precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic and the Chief Minister has said that fireworks retailers have expressed that there will be supply challenges this year with fireworks normally coming from China.
On the whole, Territorians have responded responsibly and quickly to COVID-19 restrictions and in our view are responsible enough to comply with physical distancing and gathering restrictions if cracker night was to go ahead.
We must make sure cracker night goes ahead in 2021.
Territorians can be guaranteed that a CLP Government will always support future Territory Day celebrations with fireworks.
Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro


  1. @ Lia Finocchiaro: It’s better to not make a promise, than to make a promise and not keep it. Your word is your bond, and if you promise something you need to follow through.
    How do you know that if you are elected, something similar or worse than the COVID-19 pandemic will not happen?
    When one with honeyed words but evil mind
    Persuades the mob, great woes befall the state.
    ― Euripides, Orestes.

  2. Lia, what’s the problem?
    I for one am delighted with Gunner’s decision to cancel Territory Day fireworks. It makes me feel a lot safer.
    I hope that the NT Government and the Federals will soon roll out the next obvious step to keep us all safe – fridge magnets.

  3. I really don’t see the problem. I understand why all fireworks are cancelled this year and with good reason.
    Are we really willing to destroy the progress we have made with COVID-19?
    Our town has had no community transmission and I, honestly would rather it be that way.
    We don’t need fireworks to celebrate anything, just have a nice dinner, mix a drink or maybe some wine.
    Christmas never had fireworks and did we suffer for it? Nope.
    A majority of Alice is fine without fireworks and not having their dogs and cats frightened by the terrible noise. Again, I really don’t see the problem.


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