Tennant Creek's a party town, but the cost is high


On Saturday a 46-year-old woman in Tennant Creek hosted a social gathering with over 10 people in attendance.
A 63-year-old man in the same town hosted a social gathering at his home with 19 people in attendance.
A 38-year-old woman – you guessed it – also in Tennant Creek hosted a social gathering with 30 persons present in her yard and house. She had previously been cautioned and advised not to host people at the location.
According to a media release police have issued infringement notices to all three for failing to abide by the Chief Health Officer Directions issued under section 56 of the Public and Environmental Health Act 2011 seeking to combat COVID-19.
The penalties were $1,099 each and they were referred to Environmental Health Officers to conduct a further risk assessment to determine if contact tracing is required.
Police, Public and Environmental Health officers and Australian Defence Force also continue to undertake compliance checks to ensure people are completing their 14 days quarantine, as well as enforcing the public gathering limit of 10 persons
“Territorians are strongly advised to observe the two person limit where possible,” says the release. “The key message to all Territorians is to stay home, if you can.”
4,102 compliance checks have now been completed in the NT with 21 fines issued.


  1. They won’t pay the fines, they’ll do what all the selfish ignorants do in Territory, feign low cognition and literacy to argue lack of information and understanding.
    The debts will go onto the growing list of Territory folk who owe the government thousands, tens of thousands even in unpaid fines, taxes etc.
    See the shame list the govt publishes, chances are the virus deadbeats will be added to a list no-one really expects to be ever cleared.
    It’s amazing the amount of people appearing in NT courts and filling up the prisons who claim to be English illiterate when in trouble with the law.
    It explains not turning up to court or to paying a fine as being a language or cultural misunderstanding.
    There is a two tiered system of justice in Territory law and it goes by the name of alternative racism.
    The only other explanation for not complying with laws as a matter of convenience until you need them is that these people supposedly educated as high as year 12 appearing in court allegedly requiring interpreters to translate spoken word or written documents.
    They have been sorely let down by the incompetent teachers and schools operating in BT from taxpayer dollars.

  2. @ Meg: Yep Mep, that’s the most disappointing aspect of it all. People conveniently use poor excuses as an out. What adds insult to injury is that we continue to put up with it and keep a virtual endless supply of money pouring down a hole.
    This supply only condones the lack of drive.
    After all if I was being paid to do nothing I’d enjoy it, but I would find something positive to do rather than make a menace of myself.


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