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Feds should use NAIF to lift northern Australia’s economy

Sir – Labor is calling on the Morrison Government to use its idle $5 billion Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) to provide further economic stimulus to Northern Australia in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.
Many parts of Northern Australia were already suffering above average unemployment and have now been hit hard by coronavirus.
When the NAIF was announced in 2015, the Government claimed it would create jobs and boost investment in Northern Australia.
Sadly, that hasn’t happened.
Nearly five years on, only $88.5 million has been released for projects in Northern Australia, less than 2% in total funding.
With the collapse in tourism, retail and other industries, we are seeing regional centres across Northern Australia among the hardest hit.
Places like Darwin, Kakadu and Uluru, which normally have thriving tourism industries, are seeing businesses closing and many jobs lost.
They need support urgently.

Senator Murray Watt, Shadow Minister for Northern Australia

Warren Snowdon MP (pictured)

Senator Malarndirri McCarthy (pictured)



  1. 1. Rural projects etc via flood mitigation for Alice Springs.
    2. Major solar electricity generation (batteries pending).
    3. Pipeline to supply water from north?


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