Central Australian survey to launch grassroots polling app


A new free polling app is being launched with a survey to test public opinion on key issues facing Central Australia heading towards the August 2020 Territory election.


Given the general inaccuracy of polling leading into the 2019 Federal Election, people are seeking new ways to analyse what voters may do on polling day.


App creator Ben Tolliday from DreamlaX said the auspol team wanted a very simple design taking a “Referendum” style question approach.


“It is so easy to use. The power of the app relies upon people. The more people who download the app, the bigger the pool of people who can be polled,” says Mr Tolliday.


“We don’t decide who to contact to be polled, individuals decide if they want to be part of the pool and make themselves available to be polled.


“We are asking for community support to get as many app downloads as possible to start providing regular polling information.


“To maximise the impact of poll results with government leaders and political decision makers we need public assistance to build a critical mass of App users to allow a good sample size to poll for data.


“This will require people to download the App from the App Store and be willing to participate in surveys.


“We will provide free data in the lead up to the election to inform the public of voting and issue trends.”


There are 12 short questions to answer on the economy, jobs, tourism, government and defence.


Polling data will be published exclusively in the Alice Springs News freely accessible without a paywall.


The app is free to download and use and is available now the App store.


Designed in Australia auspol is not reliant on traditional phone call, robocall or landline methods, which tend to skew results.


Responses are encouraged from across the Northern Territory.


The App can be downloaded here for Apple or found on the App store, looking  auspol.


It is also available in Google play for Android. 

[This report is by Mark J Smith, an editorial contributor to the Alice Springs News and a partner in the auspol venture.]


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