Youth offenders: CLP would overturn presumption of bail


Sir – The Youth Justice and Related Legislation Amendment Bill 2019, which has come into force, is a step back for Territorians in the grips of a crime crisis.
The Territory’s victims of crime were left out of the Labor Government’s minds when drafting this legislation.
The Opposition strongly opposed the legislation, passed in September 2019, which removed breach of bail conditions as an offence, makes it easier for youth offenders, including repeat offenders, to get bail for all but the most serious offences, and closes the youth justice court process to public scrutiny.
The Opposition strongly believes it should be up to the Judge to close the court, not the Labor Government.
This legislation erodes consequences and does not provide any measures to address the offending that is causing so much harm in our community.
Under this legislation, repeat offenders, and offenders who repeatedly breach bail conditions, will still enjoy a presumption in favour of bail.
A CLP Government would immediately move Youth Justice to Corrections as the Department of Corrections is best placed to correct the behaviour plaguing our communities.
Territory Families will focus on the care and protection of children, and Police and Corrections, along with relevant NGOs, will be given the tools they need to take back control of our streets.
Every youth offender will, if diverted, undertake community service and a CLP Government would put victims first.
Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro (pictured)


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