Pets allowed unless tribunal disagrees: Govt proposal


A Country Liberal government would kill proposed legislation under which renters would be able to keep a pet if they provide written notice to a landlord.
The landlord then has 14 days to object by advising the tenant in writing and making application to the Northern Territory Civil and Administrative Tribunal to determine if the refusal is reasonable.
The new laws would bring the Territory in line with the ACT and Victoria, according to NT Attorney-General Natasha Fyles.
But a CLP Government would scrap this pet clause in the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill.
Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro says it is legislative overreach from a Labor Government who wants “to meddle in the lives of Territorians to create a controlling, nanny state.
“This is not about demonising pet owners or pets, it is about an incompetent Labor Government rolling out its out-of-touch agenda in its dying days.
“This law clearly infringes upon the property rights of Territorians who have worked hard for an investment property which they hope will one day be part of their retirement plan.”
Ms Finocchiaro says tenants already had the ability to negotiate with landlords.
Photo by Joff MC.


  1. Can the Labor government provide one simple reason as to why they feel Government has a single iota of justification for meddling in affairs which have nothing to do with them?
    Landlords and tenants enter into a negotiation. Let market forces and personal choice handle the situation.
    To my knowledge, pet ownership is not a human right, let alone one you can inflict upon someone else’s property.
    Certainly having a pet makes it harder to find a rental property, but this gives a tenant a simple option, either don’t buy a pet or work your backside off and buy your own house.
    This is just another example of Australian Labor becoming increasingly socialist, interfering and controlling more and more the lives of the people whom they serve.
    The only true human right needed to be guaranteed is freedom. Yet, this is the one right Labor appears to care least for!
    Here is an idea: For every new law, policy or act passed, repeal two existing in its place.

  2. Congratulations to the NT Government for supporting pet ownership for renters.
    Too many renters with beloved pets have to give them up because of harsh attitudes towards cats and dogs.
    Many are heart broken as they have to re-home them.
    What a nonsense that pets inflict damage on rental property. Although possible this is rare and fair enough that renters pay for the damage.
    Kids that grow up with cats or dogs are protected from dangerous immune responses and many end up being better human beings.
    Not everything should be left to market forces.
    Pets are a cherished part of our society and renters should not miss out.

  3. I am an investor and I already allow my tenants to have a pet but to have this forced upon me has totally taken away my rights.
    I own the home, not the tenant. Not every landlord gets a tenant that does the right thing by the owner and that word is respect for someone else’s property.
    Natasha Fyles can buy my house if she likes. I can’t wait to get out of the Darwin market.
    Well said Darwin Observer.


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