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Feds may fund CAAMA even in administration

The Central Australian Media Association (CAAMA) received $1.29m grant funding from the National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA) “so far” this financial year, according to a spokesman for the agency.
From CAAMA’s website.
CAAMA has been ordered by the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC) to state why it should not be put into administration.
The Alice Springs News has asked CAAMA what it will tell ORIC but CAAMA has not replied.
The NIAA spokesman says: “Organisations in receipt of Commonwealth funding have strict governance, risk management and financial reporting requirements.
“The NIAA is working closely with CAAMA to ensure the requirements of the funding agreement, including reporting, are met and broadcasting services continue to be delivered.
“The Registrar of Indigenous Corporations is an independent officer and will make his decision on whether to place CAAMA into special administration following their response later this month,” says the spokesman.
“Should this occur, special administration does not preclude organisations from operating or receiving NIAA funding.”
This funding was administered by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet until NIAA took over on July 1 last year.


  1. @ Emma: CAAMA has existing commercial interests within the organisation.
    They also had two shops at one stage, both failed.
    Add to this CAAMA radio also charges out air time – sponsorship.
    Considering CAAMA gets funding to promote social services, health and medical awareness, legal matters and other issues involving Aboriginal people in its broadcast area, including promoting Aboriginal music, one could argue double dipping is rife.
    CAAMA has grazed well in years gone by on government funding and has done little to help itself.
    The biggest problem for CAAMA is the long term involvement of certain board members who believe they have a God given right to be at the helm of CAAMA.
    I can tell you, Emma, if CAAMA was running as it was originally set up to do, there would have been daily questions and stories on land council matters, Centrecorp matters, Aboriginal financial affairs and investment issues and other important matters.
    It does not give voice to the very people it was intended to give voice too, for too long the place has had gate keepers and they need to go.
    If CAAMA really wants to be a media association, instead of being a very costly government funded juke box, its members need to act to remove the board as a matter of urgency as this will create some hope.


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