Labor gets fracking, gambling, booze cash: Fraser-Adams




Sir – NT Labor now has no support from any party in the Johnston by-election.


We are re-organising and re-printing our how to vote card to place NT Labor last. The move is an historic first: NT Labor is last on the how to vote card of every candidate and party.


Under the full preferential system, we are forced to rank all candidates and parties from 1 to 7. Both the Major Parties are last on our card, which is indicative of what Territorians really think of them. The fact NT Labor is last is not an endorsement of the CLP.


NT Labor has infuriated locals by deceptive advertising  through the deliberate placing of the familiar yellow triangles against fracking next to corflutes of the Labor candidate.


This suggests NT Labor is against fracking when everyone knows the Gunner Labor Government has been using our taxpayers funds to subsidise, encourage and give approvals to companies to frack the NT.


The Northern Territory Electoral Commission (NTEC) recently published the list of donors to NT Labor.


They have the largest amount of donations and have accepted funding for their Johnston campaign from fracking companies (Santos), at least three betting companies and the Australian Hotels Association (Vic).”


We are very concerned about these donations and the community should be concerned too.


If it was not for the submission made to the Mansfield Inquiry by the then president and candidate for Johnston, Braedon Earley (at left), Territorians would have no idea who funds the campaigns and by implication, controls the policies of political parties in the NT.


We do not take donations from oil and gas companies associated with fracking, betting companies, the alcohol industry, lobbyists or unions.

Sue Fraser-Adams (pictured)
President, Ban Fracking Fix Crime Protect Water Party

Authorised by Mark Garner, Secretary, 1/6 Finniss Street, Darwin, 0411 434137.



  1. UPDATE: It is now not correct to say Labor is last on all parties’ how to vote cards. In a move that has shocked even the most cynical of CLP members, the CLP earlier this week has put Labor second out of the seven candidates.
    It does appear both major parties are united under the “Support Fracking” banner and accordingly, must be consigned to electoral oblivion both in Johnston and at the general election in August 2020.
    Put both major parties last – it is where they have put all Territorians.
    Sue Fraser-Adams, Darwin, Ban Fracking Fix Crime Protect Water Party.


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