Locked in senior: Daughter speaks out

Lisa Wilson, the daughter of Alan Viegas, this morning sent to the Alice Springs News an image containing two photos of her father.
In a message including “My Dad, Alan” Ms Wilson says: “Please print the … photo, with accompanying brief. Thank you.”
The two portraits (at right) are copied from the image supplied by Ms Wilson.
“A picture paints 1000 words and I have 2 images. Image on right taken early 2018. Image on left taken late 2019,” she writes.
The photo at left was taken by the News last week.
Mr Viegas is at the centre of a controversy about the Old Timers Village, allegations that he is being locked in and is denied visitors, under instructions from Ms Wilson, who is claiming to have an Enduring Power of Attorney over the affairs of Mr Viegas.


  1. I assume the 2019 image is meant to convey the message that Alan has lost the capacity to conduct his own affairs, make decisions for himself or possess his own money and assets.
    In my opinion the photo does none of this and I find other evidence to the contrary far more compelling.
    Elderly who have lost capacity do not usually oppose the sale of their property nor give lucid accounts of their circumstances.
    Loss of capacity is usually caused by advanced dementia to which the elderly person has surrendered.
    In my opinion Lisa Wilson needs a psychiatric examination to check the validity of her claims about her father.

  2. Thanks Ralph Folds. Exactly correct your comments about loss of capacity!
    The daughter has now frozen all Alan’s money we heard. Alan is flabbergasted.
    Such a basic lack of respect for her father and his wellbeing.

  3. The developments in this case promise to raise questions about the whole process of assessment of oldies in care.
    It will also shine a spotlight on carers and their role in the aged care system.
    The carer in this case is showing remarkable compassion and understanding.
    A role model to be highly commended and praised by the profession.

  4. After the Royal Commission into the abuse of the elderly in aged care I’m astounded that it can still blatantly happen.


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