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The freedom of the press still furnishes that check upon government which no constitution has ever been able to provide – Chicago Tribune.

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Man robbed, but wait, there's so much more on FB

The only official police report for the day was an appeal for public information about a robbery, but a local Facebook site creates a vastly different image of the law and order situation in the town.
Four boys aged around 15 allegedly assaulted a man in Gap Road at about 1.50am on Sunday, stealing his wallet, says the police.
The man suffered some facial injuries and sought assistance from a nearby licensed premises before making a report to the police.
The four youth are of Aboriginal appearance, with one wearing a black singlet and black shorts.
Meanwhile, on the local Facebook site a blow-by-blow account – in images, videos and text – chronicles dozens of crimes, from assault on a woman to property damage and vandalism, in just a 24 hour period.
A video shows a girl on a bike, casing a the inside of a fenced residential area. Then a boy, his face covered, runs in, and makes off with two pairs of shoes.
Some texts are benign Neighbourhood Watch stuff, some are exhortation to vigilante action.
And what does the dagger at the head of the site signify?







  1. Unfortunately unless the powers to be take this seriously, people may take matters into their own hands.

  2. Since I left this site, most reports are out of mind. Yeah stuff still goes on, but I will hear about it through official sources or work mates. Or not at all.

  3. The people of Alice Springs have to start defending and start accepting that these kids behaviour isn’t accepted here in Alice Springs no more. If we see someone in trouble in a shop or on a street tell them no, go away! Stick up for your fellow constituent of Alice Springs whether it be black, white,Indian, whatever race.
    The people of Alice Springs have to be united in this terrible time of sadness for us people of Alice Springs.If you see kids loitering and looking ask them “what are you kids up to?” Go away, there is nothing for you here and it doesn’t belong to you! Ask them and tell them!
    There’s not a great deal of this happening and the people of Alice Springs need to start getting behind each other to rid this town of this unsightly behaviour that is creating all sorts of trouble. Let’s stick up for one another and rid this town of this parasite behaviour, bring in the task force and bring in the dogs because this has gone too far!!!

  4. For such a proud people who deal in respect and shame, this kind of action goes against everything generations before them stood for. Their culture is changing before our very eyes and may never be respected again, especially by NT people who have lived through this stuff. Sad.

  5. Erwin, the knife was taken off a juvenile offender. If you contact the administrator of the site they can give you the details.
    Managers of building sites years ago warned their staff of having a go at the kids at night in the CBD, due to the weapons they carried, such as this.


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