Woman threatened with weapon, credit card, car stolen


Northern Territory Police have arrested and charged a youth in relation to an aggravated unlawful entry of a home in Alice Springs last month.
Around 6.45 am on January 24, 2020, it is alleged the 17-year-old male unlawfully entered a home in the Gap area where he confronted the occupant threatening her with a weapon and demanded her credit card.
The victim handed over her credit card to the offender who took the car keys and stole the woman’s vehicle. The victim was not physically injured during the incident.
It will be further alleged the offender drove the stolen motor vehicle to a service station, withdrew a sum of cash and purchased fuel using the stolen credit card.
Police who were patrolling the area in response to the incident located the offender who fled towards nearby scrub land. The offender was arrested and charged with:

  • Aggravated robbery
  • Damage to property
  • Aggravated unlawful entry (dwelling)
  • Stealing
  • Aggravated unlawful use of a motor vehicle
  • Drive a motor vehicle while unlicensed
  • Criminal deception – obtain benefit
  • Possess a dangerous drug
  • Possess carry used controlled weapon

The youth will appear before the Alice Springs Youth Justice Court on March 2, 2020.
Source: Police media release.


  1. “Woman threatened with weapon, credit card, car stolen” or as the locals just call it a slow Friday.
    I would love to follow this story through the courts to see what happens with this person and how he is or isn’t punished for his alleged crimes (if found guilty).
    I want to see how much the courts value this lady’s safety. We keep hearing these horror stories but rarely hear what the courts rule by way of deterrent.

  2. So was this youth remanded in custody until the court case?
    Can you follow up Erwin and see what consequences this person is subject to?
    I just find regardless of what charges are laid there is always a “poor bugger me” story for the criminal that judges take on board more so than what the victim has had to go through.
    The judges are so out of touch of public expectations of how criminal behaviour should be dealt with. Bail after bail does not give any of us confidence in the judicial process.
    Perhaps our government, who has also gone so soft on consequences for bad actions, should make stronger laws that judges have to abide by, so we all don’t end up victims and incarcerated in our own homes for fear of leaving it to be robbed again.
    The Territory was once a great place to live, but daylight robberies and assaults are becoming common practise throughout, with very little changing over the past years – it has just become so much worse and more and more long term locals and others leaving to live elsewhere.

  3. Maybe Mr G Borchers can preside over this one, as he seems to have an excellent grasp of law and order and a true understanding of local issues.


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