Lack of consultation on sex services


Sir – Territorians have had the first and last opportunity to voice their concerns on the Labor Government allowing sex services to operate in residential areas.
Planning considerations and consultation should have been conducted in line with the legislation so Territorians could clearly understand what the Government was proposing before the legislation was passed.
[It] is precisely for this reason that the Opposition voted against it in the Parliament.
The fact that the legislation passed makes this planning process the first, and last, opportunity for people to be heard by the Labor Government around the location of sex services businesses in our community.
The Labor Government has indicated these matters would be dealt with under the Planning Act 1999.
Under the proposed changes to the planning scheme new sex services businesses of two or fewer sex workers would be allowed to set up in residential areas, so long as they are not ‘next to or adjoining’ a kindergarten, school, child care or church.
Territorians are very concerned by the definition of “next to or adjoining”. Does it mean a sex services business can operate opposite a school?
Sex services are often delivered in the evening and late at night, leading to potential disruption in urban areas through parking, noise, and the additional safety concerns.
Territorians are also concerned that the operation of a sex services business in a neighbourhood or unit block may also lead to a decrease in property values.
Any existing sex services businesses that have been operating illegally to date should be required to abide by these restrictions.
It appears that the Labor Government does not share the same concerns as Territorians.
Whatever an individual’s attitude towards sex work in general, Territorians have told me they do not approve of sex services business being established where there are children, seniors, and vulnerable people.
The CLP Opposition recommends that sex services businesses of any size be restricted to operating, with consent, in areas other than residential.
Lia Finocchiaro
Opposition Leader


  1. Wouldn’t it make better sense to have these kinds of places away from residential areas?
    So then the guys or girls can rock up in their trench coats without, let’s face it, nosy neighbours peeking through their curtains tanking pics and putting them up on FB to try to shame these businesses out of action.


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