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CAAMA must show why it shouldn't be under administration




The Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA) has been asked to show cause why it should should not be put under special administration.


CAAMA touts itself as Australia’s largest Aboriginal media organisation. It runs a radio service and is linked with the local television station, Imparja.

The question was asked on January 30 by Michael Strecker, delegate of the Registrar of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporations.
If I do this, your corporation will be run by a special administrator appointed by the Registrar or his delegate,” he says.

“That person will have a broad range of powers over the affairs of your corporation.”


CAAMA was given till the close of business on Friday, February 28 to reply.

The Alice Springs News will seek comment from CAAMA tomorrow.


  1. CAAMA is an icon of Central Australia and Australia in media terms.
    It’s a pity that CAAMA can’t find any new talent to record labels with and promote through its studio and label.
    I feel CAAMA needs to rethink its vision and operations to include digital imaging and become the preferred RTO for Indigenous media and digital imaging training in Australia given its music, productions, recording studio and relationship with Imparja television.
    Why can’t CAAMA, Imparja and IAD sit down to re-think the RTO space in Indigenous digital imaging and enter that space primarily?
    They could literally digitise many tribal group language story lines in animation for use in schools and educational programs on Aboriginal history and culture. Just a thought.

  2. CAAMA has long complained that it doesn’t get enough funding to do anything significant.
    But it still gets considerable money from the Feds and does very little with it expect pay high salaries.
    From the outside it looks like a family run business paid for by our taxes.
    CAAMA has traded on its “iconic status” for far too long in my view.
    Happy to be contradicted.
    Let’s hear from CAAMA.
    What have you achieved in recent years?

  3. CAAMA’s AV department has exceptional expertise and professionalism, they run every community event and every gig that comes to town. Keep it rolling!
    Sounds like Jeff has a sound vision for future direction too.

  4. Total incompetence at board and CEO level has seen poor old CAAMA sink towards the abyss.
    Strange that the same person who is the CAAMA chair was also involved at CEO and board level of IAD that also failed at the time (and I believe was also the CEO of CAAMA back when it nearly failed back in 2010).
    Why doesn’t ORIC have a list of incompetent directors that shouldn’t be allowed to be on boards?
    They can’t hold down jobs. Doesn’t that raise a red flag about how incompetent they must be? And here they at the helm of a company!

  5. The only way out for CAAMA is a big clean up, removal of the board including the CEO.
    His appointment was murky to start with! Inexperienced in the industry, lacking any real management skills, a recipe for disaster.
    The board, well, two are partners and the rest are made up of friends.
    It’s amazing, the current chair who was also the CEO a while ago totally failed that position as well.
    The big question though is what have they been doing with the millions they have been funded?
    Through Prime Minister and Cabinet (PMC) and other funding bodies, CAAMA belongs to the community.
    An answer is required.
    I’ll take an educated guess, PMC have finally realised that monies funded have not found their way to allocated programmes which means PMC want some money back but CAAMA has no funds to pay back.
    With high management wages to add, on top of bad management under a self serving board – Abracadabra – you have CAAMA 2020.

  6. Wow, some people are very negative and personal in this town toward successful Aboriginal self controlled organisations.
    Truth is, you all probably know nothing about what CAAMA does or has achieved in the past.
    Throwing stones from the outside is very easy and small minded.
    Almost coward like as you hide your racist and personal comments behind words.
    Small minded people tend to write such.
    No vision, contribution of positiveness or support, just racist and personal criticism.
    We have a long way to go in this very racist town with its covert racist people who at the same time probably benefit from the economy such people bring into this town.
    CAAMA contributes to this economy and community!

  7. Liberal, you are assuming bad governance and bad behaviour on the back of a damning article, the usual practice for some.
    Seek some facts and you will see further than your liberal nose.
    I don’t hear Liberal bagging the Commonwealth Government for their rorting, bad behaviour and bad governance, or the banks, which has been proven!
    CAAMA is not under administration as I understand so the jury is still out on any irregularities that may have occurred.
    I like most, wait until I am informed with facts before I comment, or try to cover up as you’ve accused me of.
    Sorry to say Liberal, but your username says it all.

  8. @ Jeff: No-ones said that CAAMA has not contributed to the community, both socially and economically. What must be stopped is the arrogance and bad behaviour of the people mentioned in Foxtrot 1’s comments.
    Why can these people continue to assume a position of power and decision making when previous track record proves that they can’t do the job?

  9. @ Jeff: Unsure Jeff how the word racist got into this.
    A failing business is a failing business. The fact that ORIC have issued a show cause notice, clearly suggests that in their eyes there are some serious financial irregularities in the organisation.
    My question is why isn’t this organisation supporting itself?
    When the taxpayers have to keep funding these ventures over long periods, they have every right to pass comment both good and bad.
    If they are unviable they should be shut down.

  10. @ Liberal. Jeff is right – just because the organisation is black.
    Parliamentarians in Canberra behave in a blatant corrupt way to buy votes, banks and investment corporations have been proven to be crooked thieves but hey, that’s alright with you.
    There may be matters that CAAMA may need to appropriately respond to but those other mugs ripped off people in the whole country. But to you that must be good behaviour – perhaps CAAMA should take a lesson from them how to do it coming out smelling like a bouquet of flowers instead of stink.

  11. This story is about CAAMA and ORIC. People keep on bringing in other people which are really no concern to the Aboriginal people of Central Australia.

  12. Once upon a time CAAMA was an icon that produced language and cultural materials like Nganampa Anwernekenhe and many other docos and films that told the stories of Central Australia.
    Unfortunately, over the last many years CAAMA failed to hold onto those roots, which made it special, and merely became a competition radio station for 96.9, Triple J, ABC NT etc etc.
    There doesn’t appear to have been any focused effort to maintain what distinguished CAAMA from the rest: Languages and culture.
    As an aside, the programming needs to reflect the trends and music of today – no-one wants to drive to work on a Monday morning listening to old-country-drinkers-tunes! Leave them for the Saturday arvo slot!

  13. Badly run by the same people for years who have been given the green light to bring in AND kick out whomever they liked. A real “pioneering” organisation that needs a total clean out.

  14. I had just heard the news about CAAMA and as an ex-Alice resident I still have interest in the town.
    So did CAAMA go into Admin or where do they stand now?
    Thanks for any updates and info.


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