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Aggravated assault in Alice hospital

Police are investigating an incident of aggravated assault in Alice Springs earlier today.
Just before 9am a man allegedly struck a 36-year-old woman to the head with a sharp object while she was receiving treatment in the hospital.
The offender fled the scene before police arrived.
The woman was treated for a laceration to the head.
Police believe the man and woman are known to each other.
Police are asking witnesses to come forward.

Police report.



  1. @ Liberal: Why has this incredibly racist comment been posted? Don’t you moderate to prevent hate speech?
    [ED – We do.]

  2. Some guy runs away after striking a woman known to him in a public hospital facility near witnesses “with a sharp object”.
    Clearly it wasn’t his intellect that hurt her.
    But she’d be the bigger tool of the two if she forgave and went back for more.
    Call cops, lay charges, even if it means a prison stint, move on.

  3. @ Ninti Papa: I am unsure why you would think that fact is racism.
    This morning is was in Woolworths and saw about six Aboriginal kids come in, steal some items and run out of the shop.
    They stopped in the breezeway, looked at the staff, lifted their middle fingers, laughed and ran off. The fact that I mentioned they were Aboriginal does not make me racist?
    When I write in a advertisement “Aboriginal identified Position” aiming to discourage whites from applying, that is racist.
    If I put “White people are strongly urged to apply” would that be OK?
    Because I have seen many times “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are strongly urged to apply” so why is it OK like this?
    Ninti Papa, you need to look up what racism is and what it means.
    Stop hiding behind the word and stand up to your responsibilities as a human being.
    I don’t care what colour people are, I just expect that everyone will adopt a similar code of morality, conduct and show respect for their fellow humans.

  4. @ Surprised. I am surprised you missed Ninti’s point. Read Liberal’s comment again … in full. Get it now?

  5. @ Surprised. It’s often meant as a racial slur. Even if not meant, it is how it is taken that counts.
    Certainly has caused some hurt and complaint in places, check it out on the web. Monkey chants are widely used by some East European soccer fans against black players in visiting team.
    Monkey references used by some in a derogatory sense against coloured people in many societies. In the context that “Liberal” used it, it could easily cause offence.
    Some would call this political correctness, others would call it common decency.
    Your comments re behaviours were fair enough, you just didn’t get what Ninta was referring to as racism.
    You two were talking about different things. Hope this helps.

  6. @ Ian and Ninti: I read it too and thought if anything, it may have been the reference to “Aboriginal people”, but then realised that was not racist, as it was essential to the context of the story.
    I never would have thought that the age old expression of “monkey see, monkey do” was your concern.
    It is all very Orwellian when we have to fear the words or expressions we use will be twisted to be used against us, this time in that all powerful catch all “you’re racist”.
    It has become a very convenient way for those wishing to criticise a person without having any other real argument.
    Just call the other party “racist”, because they shut up for fear of being labelled as one.
    Liberal just seemed to point out the truth, monkey in this case is simply a reference to copycat behaviour, something monkeys do, and people, black white or any other colour in between.

  7. @ Ian Sharp: I can appreciate the explanation. The saying monkey see monkey do has been used for eons. It has been allowed to become sensitive. People are way too sensitive these days. If it was intended as a racial slur, then it’s inappropriate but if it was meant to demonstrate that children do what they see, then so be it.

  8. @ Surprised! “It has been allowed to become sensitive. People are way too sensitive these days.”
    It has become sensitive to some because people have deliberately used it to cause offence, likening coloured people to monkeys.
    Heard it myself used in that ways by teenagers in Alice schools. As for people being too sensitive, well that’s a matter of opinion.
    Perhaps people are less prepared to put up and shut up these days.
    On a whole range of things. Like domestic violence, widely accepted when I was a kid, cops did not take it seriously.
    Or groping in the workplace.
    Or using words like nigger or coon, people call that out these days.
    Toowoomba’s Nigger Brown stand, no longer? Golliwogs? Too sensitive? Perhaps.
    Or social progress. Depends on the context, and how it was taken, not how it was intended.
    IMHO Alice Springs is a place where it is unhelpful to be insensitive if we want things to improve over time.

  9. Hi Ian Sharp, “Surprised!” and the other correspondents: Thank you for your comments!
    May I suggest that the ambiguity of “Monkey see, monkey do!” has received the discussion it well deserves.
    May I propose that we now turn our attention to the essence of the comment by “Liberal” on January 16, as I understand it: Do Aboriginal children have adequate opportunity of observing positive role models who can guide and inspire them on their path to adulthood? If not, what must we do?
    Erwin Chlanda, Editor.

  10. Erwin, the answer to that question is yes, some can, but there is also a large amount who cannot.
    But it’s easier for some to ignore facts and results we see in the media and keep forking out barrels of money just so a minority don’t call them names for trying to save a dying culture from its own hands.
    People might start mislabelling your actions as stolen generation, instead of what they should be called saving generations.


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