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Crims terrorise Gillen, three cops attacked

Police are investigating criminal incidents in the Gillen area overnight, responding to four reports between 10pm and 4am, including one in which a 19-year-old man was arrested for the unlawful entry of a home on Flynn Drive.
Around 1:30am the occupant of a home in Flynn Drive gave chase to an unknown person after the front window of the house was damaged.
A resident woke to find two males in the backyard of his Flynn Drive home around 3:30am. The pair fled after stealing drinks from an outside refrigerator.
A man and woman who disturbed two unknown youths were assaulted by the pair whom they had confronted inside their home on Bradshaw Drive around 4am.
The couple sustained minor injuries and the youths fled the scene at which time two unknown men confronted the occupants and verbally threatened them before leaving.
Police say they are seeking public assistance from anyone who lives in the area and has CCTV footage which may assist with identifying these offenders or providing further information.
Meanwhile police have arrested a 19-year-old man in relation to the assault on three police officers in Alice Springs overnight.
Just before 10pm police received a report of a group of youths attempting to gain entry into a home. The occupant confronted a male found inside the house who fled the area.
Police responded immediately, locating the man nearby and arresting him following a foot chase.
It will be alleged the man physically assaulted one police officer during the arrest and seriously assaulted two more police officers who were assisting in the transport of the man to the Alice Springs Hospital.
The man remains in police custody and is expected to be charged in relation to the unlawful entry and assault.
Superintendent Pauline Vicary said the members who were assaulted did not require further medical treatment.
“It is not acceptable to assault police officers who are doing their job and protecting the community,” she said.
Neighbours who alerted police to the incident when they saw an offender entering the home allowed for police to be on the scene quickly and assist in the timely arrest of the offender.
“The community are our eyes and ears,” said Superintendent Pauline Vicary.

– Police release.



  1. I don’t envy the police in Alice. It must be so disheartening to know that whatever they do these criminals will be back on the streets the next day with a slap on the wrist for them to do it again.
    Simply go to your court case and mention your upbringing and offer a lawyer drafted apology and the judge will take pity and release you with stern words.
    As we can see they are training their kids to follow in their footsteps, nice to know they will be properly training and hardened to crime by the time they are teenagers.

  2. This is no longer a race issue, this is behavioural issue and with this comes consequences.
    Everyone needs to stand together and pull up the behaviour ASAP.

  3. “It is not acceptable to assault police …”
    Could not agree more, however the courts seem to keep accepting it. Why not minimum 12 months mandatory sentence? Just imagine the bleating from CAALAS and NAAJA if that was talked about.

  4. The evidence is undeniable: It is OK to assault police, fellow citizens and to steal and wilfully damage property.
    It must be OK because there is no penalty for doing so.

  5. Harsher penalties need to be implemented, longer serving sentences etc.
    In prison hard manual labour should be enforced, boot camp etc.
    Life should be made hard to steer those away from crime.
    Too tame a wild brumby one needs to be tough and these crims ain’t tough, you throw these crims on a end of a shovel or in the bush mustering cattle, they’ll buckle at the first sign of day light. No sleeping in here, son!


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