Bush police station broken into, damaged


Just before 7pm yesterday police were notified that a group of people had unlawfully entered and damaged property in the Willowra Police Station, 300km north of Alice Springs.
A media release says police are conducting enquiries.
They are also investigating a disturbance in which six businesses were damaged in Alice Springs overnight.
Officers responded to a disturbance where it is alleged a man was assaulted on Todd Street around 2am.
On arrival a group of people became aggressive towards police before throwing rocks at the and damaging a police vehicle.
More police resources attended to prevent further damage, however a number of businesses were identified with broken windows, and a parked vehicle had its windows smashed.
Police are gathering CCTV footage to assist in identifying those involved in the incident.
The man assaulted in the initial incident received injuries to his face, but did not seek medical treatment.
UPDATE November 16, 5am
Police have released CCTV image stills of two female youths they wish to identify in relation to an attempted robbery and serious assault of two women in Alice Springs on Monday night.
Around 9:46pm a group of youth were jumping on a scooter parked in the Todd Mall when the owner approached them.
The woman and a friend were both allegedly assaulted by the two in separate altercations in the Todd Mall and at the Todd Street and Gregory Terrace intersection.
Both women received head and facial injuries.
The youth are described as being of Indigenous in appearance and aged between 14 and 17.
At the time of the incident one female has her hair tied up in a high-bun and was wearing a white shirt, black shorts, black socks and white Puma flip flops.
The other female was wearing blue shorts and a grey shirt with a black jumper which has white writing on the front. It doesn’t appear she was wearing shoes at the time.

Police report.

UPDATE November 16, 11.30am
Police are calling for witnesses of an alleged indecent assault in Todd Street outside the Mini Mart around 10:50pm on Saturday, November 9.
Police believe a male approached the victim and engaged her in conversation prior to indecently assaulting her.
The male is described as Indigenous with short, dark hair and he appeared to be 14 to 16 years old. He was wearing a white singlet and black pants.


  1. Aboriginal people are out of control. The gap has widened between black and yellow, black and white and the yellow and white keeps on defending the black.
    The march that took place on Thursday did nothing but encourage racists hate and views.
    Aboriginal people want, want, want. But they don’t want to give anything, they don’t know what it means to respect anything or anyone.

  2. I know it has been discussed before, but what ever happened with a curfew on anyone under 18 on the streets?
    Anyone caught loitering without good reason, black or white could then be taken to a safe house for the night and or told to go home.
    Surely there are other reasons to keep youth away from breaking into cars, homes and businesses.
    I’d say more patrols need to take place by various people: youth services, Aboriginal organisations and not just the police.
    Further more, instead of building this art gallery in town, the money should be better spent on more youth diversion programs and alternative education programs for children and youth.
    It’s one thing to build a national art gallery and have new businesses flourish. However the existing businesses and residents of town need more certainty on crime control.
    The children and youth need more care and discipline.
    Detention isn’t going to help anyone at all. It’s a bandaid solution as offenders will only reoffend if rehabilitation and care isn’t provided as part of the solution.
    Maybe religious organisations such as the churches could also assist with talking to the offenders and offer some support, teachings and care.


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