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Camps leader Shirleen Campbell, Local Hero

Family and domestic violence activist Shirleen Campbell of Alice Springs is the 2020 Northern Territory Local Hero. 


Proud Warlpiri and Arrernte woman, Ms Campbell (pictured) is a third-generation resident of Alice Springs Town Camp, Lhenpe Artnwe – or Hoppy’s Camp.


The 38-year-old is also the co-ordinator of The Tangentyere Women’s Family Safety Group (TWFSG), which gives women in the camps a voice in family and domestic violence and leads action against it..


TWFSG takes a strengths-based approach to addressing domestic violence, training women to recognise its early signs and support each other. Together they acknowledge and celebrate the women residents’ skills, knowledge, history, assets, connections and relationships.


After a violent attack on an Aboriginal woman in the Todd River was ignored by local press, Shirleen and TWFSG led a 300-strong, anti-violence march through the streets of Alice Springs. Shirleen and other members of TWFSG were then invited to Canberra.


With care and humility, Shirleen drew attention to the women her community loved and mourned who’d been impacted by violence – and showed that women are a large part of the solution.

Other awards recipients this year are:

Dr Geoffrey Thompson of Darwin, 74-year-old sports physician and ex-RAAF flying doctor, is the 2020 Northern Territory Australian of the Year.


Artist, cultural activist and environmental adviser Banduk Marika AO is the 2020 Northern Territory Senior Australian of the Year. She is from Yirrkala in north-east Arnhem Land.


The 2020 Northern Territory Young Australian of the Year is 19-year-old mental health ambassador Mitchell Ford of Katherine.

Source: Australian of the Year Awards media release. Photo supplied.
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  1. Woohoo!! Congratulations Shirleen, well done.
    I only wish we had more strong proud Aboriginal women like you working hard out there to help combat the cycle of domestic violence and all the other issues that come with it.
    You are a great role model to all our kids in showing them what can be done if you make a stand!!
    Good onya Shirleen – so proud of you.


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