NT party changes name to make its point




Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party, The Party For Moderate Progress Within the Bounds of the Law (Austria-Hungary), Citizens For Undead Rights and Equality (Great Britain), Canadian Extreme Wrestling Party The Dungeons, Death and Taxes Party, Union of Conscientiously Work-Shy Elements (Denmark).

Now 1Territory is joining the world’s unconventionally named parties: President Braedon Earley (pictured) says it will be called the Ban Fracking Fix Crime Protect Water Party.
“Approval of members will be required as the final step to the name change,” he says in a media release.

“The change is to remove confusion with another national political party.


“We have no connection in any way with any Federal party nor any other party and exist only to advocate on behalf of and fight for all Territorians. We are passionate Territorians who have had enough of the incompetence and poor outcomes under both of the major parties.


“We are not a one issue party.”


Mr Earley says among other issues the party is encompassing industry, agriculture, mining, health, education, tourism, crime and governance “to name only a few”.


The party was registered by the NT Electoral Commission in November 2015 and has fielded candidates in every Federal, Territory and Local Government election since then.


Detailed submissions on behalf of Territorians have been put to a number of Inquiries and Senate Committees. The party has grown substantially since 2015 in spite of a very restrictive donations policy, says Mr Earley.


“Once the name change process has been completed, we will call for Candidates for all 25 seats in the NT Legislative Assembly.”



  1. Comment writers, please note: If I can’t reach you on the email address you provide I will trash your comment.
    Regards, Erwin Chlanda, Editor.

  2. The parties listed by 1 Territory are all satirical or joke parties, and some are quite sophisticated. I applaud 1 Territory for embracing a joke party status.
    However, I would like to remind them that to be a proper joke party, they need to be humorous and not take themselves seriously. Otherwise, 1 Territory will remain that other kind of joke, the sad kind. ☹️
    I have met the people behind the Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party and they are excellent satirists and public artists. They are entertaining, make a genuine contribution, and if they did their art in Darwin they would probably receive government funding for activating the CBD.
    To borrow a political phrase, I know the Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party, and 1 Territory, you are no Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party.

  3. @ Tim Dixon: It was the Alice Springs News which drew attention to “unconventionally named parties,” not 1Territory.
    Erwin Chlanda, Editor

  4. @Tim Dixon, we are not copying anyone mate, nor are we quoting other parties name as an example.
    We are genuinely interested in serving the people of the NT.
    The name covers three out four of the biggest issues holding the Territory and its people back, the fourth being the economy.
    We have economists, lawyers, accountants and scientists in our party, to mention a few, behind our policy teams.
    We even have artists as well.
    But to make fun of us and dismiss us, might be a bit premature and could be a mistake. Cheers.


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