Private $25m residential project for health staff


Sir – The Territory Labor Government is investing in Alice Springs, assigning major project status to the Alice Springs Hospital Staff Accommodation Project.
This $25m private investment is developing a residential precinct within a defined area of the Alice Springs Central Business District, located between Todd Street and South Terrace.
Local company, Whittaker Street Developments [whose spokesman is Michael Sitzler – ED] in conjunction with their project partner Centrecorp Aboriginal Investment Corporation Pty Ltd, was awarded the accommodation contract, which will see a new high-quality complex constructed and will help attract and retain professional health staff in Alice Springs.
These works will directly support 110 jobs during construction, and indirectly provide support for 465 jobs, with Whittaker Street Developments targeting 90% local industry participation for the project.
The facility which is within a short walking distance from the Alice Springs Hospital will include: 40 x 1 bedroom units, 20 x 2 bedrooms units and 10 x 3 bedroom units; off street parking; swimming pool and gymnasium; roof top common area and retail or other commercial space adjacent to Todd Street.
Central Australian Health Services will lease the units from the building owners with an initial lease period of 10 years, with an option to extend.
This announcement is part of the NT Government’s Alice Springs Hospital Masterplan which also identifies a carpark as an essential piece of infrastructure for the Alice Springs community.
This facility will play a key role in the Territory Labor Governments broader vision of revitalising the Alice Springs CBD into a more vibrant and reinvigorated space for local and visitors to enjoy.
Construction is expected to begin in early 2020 and be completed in late 2021.
Michael Gunner (pictured)
Chief Minister


  1. It’s no more a sign of public confidence to invest in Alice Springs than the Supreme Court project (Sitzlers).
    This accommodation project sees $18.6m flow to the developer.
    Michael Gunner, how about helping Alice Springs to become a town where people are confident enough to invest without being backed by the NTG? You do your job and we do ours.

  2. Geez, any walking distance on that road is not safe at all.
    The hospital has a huge block surely they could have built something on the grounds to keep staff safe.
    Isn’t that the same spot a doctor was hit in the head with a brick many years ago?
    And am I right it isn’t even on the Melanka site? Geez, again space wasted.
    This Sitzler mob are cleaning up on the big juicy government money of town. I thought those mob left Alice Springs and moved to Darwin years ago.

  3. Yes, Sitzler did up and leave Alice after the new court house was built on their land. Look at the long term rent they are also getting from that. [That’s OK] so long as the locals do get the work.
    At the moment there are big jobs being done below the Berrimah line by Darwin business and taking it away from local business. We don’t go up there and step on their toes! And these are NT Government tenders.

  4. Spot on Karen. But the thing is any business in the NT is apparently local, even the big interstate business with tree people in their local temp office.
    Change the rules and make business have their main office in the NT and not a dodgy little satellite office to get them jobs to move in on.
    And while you’re there award them to companies in the area of the works not old mate in Darwin taking all the Alice Springs business away further hurting the Alice.
    I suppose the real local guys are a bit pricey but surely it’s good for the region.

  5. James, you are spot on.
    Did you know that the Power Water works at Sadadeen is contracted to a Queensland Government corporation?
    And Dale Wakefield has the audacity to say her number one priority is local jobs (when referring to this very contract in a media release!)
    Here are just a few companies that the Government consider to be “Territory Enterprises”. Information sourced from Awarded Tenders list.
    • FYFE
    • Downer EDI
    • BMD Constructions
    • AON Risk Services
    • KPMG
    • Grace Worldwide
    • Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
    • Australian Childhood Foundation

  6. Private investment? 100% backed by a long term government contract which I’m sure works very much in the long term favour of the private investor, not the taxpayer!
    Take away the government contract and what do you get?
    No “private” investment.
    Does Gunner really think we are that stupid to not recognise this is not private investment?
    Well, come the next election he may be feeling like the stupid one … if he doesn’t already.
    Does this bunch of ex school teachers running the Territory really understand the real world outside of a classroom?

  7. So where is this going to be built? They need to look at parking at the hospital for patients and visitors. Too many staff take the car parks.


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