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Billionaire may invest in giant Tennant solar farm

Sir –  I welcome the proposed investment of Australian billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes into the $25bn SunCable Project.
He has indicated he will make a funding announcement by the end of the year.
The proposed Australia-Singapore Power Link (ASPL) is a 10 gigawatt solar farm and a 20 to 30 gigawatt hour storage facility near Tennant Creek.
ASPL will supply loads in the Darwin and Singapore markets via a high voltage direct current transmission.
This is the largest solar farm under development in the world, and it will be built right here in the Territory.
The Tennant Creek region has one of the highest solar irradiance resources on the planet, making it a perfect location for the proposed solar farm.
The project will seek to supply long term, competitive, stably priced renewable electricity to the Darwin and Singapore markets.
Mr Cannon-Brookes knows the Territory is a great place to invest and is backing our vision for this project.
We have the guaranteed cloud free days, the land and a Government with the vision, plan and will to make it happen.
Chief Minister Michael Gunner


  1. Brilliant. In addition, why not a wind farm of comparable size?
    There is always a wind in Tennant, hot in summer, cold in winter, never at excess speeds and thereby perfect for generating power.
    In creating a solar farm of this size it would be a good idea to put the solar panels on steel structures of 45º facing north, in order to additionally capture and reticulate the rain when it does fall.
    OK, it doesn’t rain often in Tennant but they occasionally get four to five inches in one go and that huge volume of water could he harnessed and reticulated into tanks or Mary Ann Dam.
    The Port Augusta solar tomato project is an object lesson for this sunny part of Australia.
    We will become an important food bowl for those stupid countries which encourage large populations. Let’s do it sensibly.

  2. Remember back to the “towards 2030” project of two Labor Governments ago: A proposal was put in, to place a series of such facilities as this from Darwin to here to electrify the rail line and export the electricity interstate using the rail network.
    It happens across Europe ,Japan and elsewhere but not here because we refuse to look around at what is possible elsewhere.
    Can you imagine the tourism potential of a trans national railway powered by alternative energy?
    It would have provided the Indigenous interests all the way along the line with a constant revenue stream as well as serve the national interest.
    Now this morning on ABC RN I hear John Hewson supporting a similar project.
    The usual excuse is money and it is sad that much of our infrastructure is financed from overseas while we continue to use houses often well beyond our needs.
    The Towards 2030 concept was swallowed up in the usual social platitudes, and shows the shallow nature of planning over recent years, and which continues to this day.
    Hydrogen production facilities are currently being set up in Adelaide because of their “superior” sunlight characteristics.
    No one was encouraged to look here, and we have no where to demonstrate the potential of the large multi million dollar hemp facility being planned further north because the research and demonstration facility here is now covered with houses the same as any other suburb in Australia.
    And so the list goes on, with Anzac Hill.
    The obvious place for a cultural centre is still with Yirara College so the students there can learn and demonstrate their own culture and learn the necessary management skills.
    In addition the Road Transport Hall of Fame could become a visitors information centre with minor road deviations from the main South Road, and serve the whole of the NT as has happened elsewhere. The shallow nature of the planning is breathtaking.

  3. @3 Psuedo Guru: I’m with you on this. Unless someone can redefine Ohms Law, it’s pie in the sky.
    I like the sentiment but let’s generate locally and use locally.


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