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NT firm Sitzler gets major national award

Sir – Sitzler Pty Ltd has been named as one of Australia’s best businesses at the National Business Leadership Awards.
PICTURED: Sitzler started in Alice Springs in 1957 as a partnership between brothers Peter and Paul Sitzler with remote area construction.
They recognise and celebrate successful building and construction businesses that harness best practice and innovation across their business, are exemplars of ethical commercial conduct and make positive contributions to local communities.
Recognition of Sitzler as 2019 Large Civil Construction Business of the Year reflected the business’s outstanding capacity and capability to deliver large civil / engineering construction projects that meet client needs in an environmentally and socially conscious manner.
Sitzler is an iconic name in the construction industry across Australia’s north and they have built a national presence as a preferred contractor on the back of their reputation for delivering projects in the civil, infrastructure, defence, space innovation and commercial sectors.
In the past five years alone, Sitzler have successfully delivered in excess of $300m of civil projects that stretch from Exmouth in WA and Timber Creek, Delamere, Arnhem Land, Borroloola and Groote Eylandt in the NT in addition to projects within the Darwin metro region.
Sitzler’s clients list include Department of Defence, NT Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, Indigenous Land Councils, multinational construction firms, mining companies and private developers.
Projects have covered a wide range of civil disciplines including bulk earthworks, road construction, bridgeworks and piling, major flood mitigation projects and construction of subdivisions.
Since it was established in 2009, Sitzler’s civil division has tripled in size to include four full time project managers along with dedicated estimating, survey and design capability.
In the field they have a team of seven highly experienced supervisors and leading hands with over 150 years of combined civil construction experience between them.
Sitzler has also invested heavily in the acquisition of new plant and equipment to significantly increase their ability to provide civil solutions for their clients.
A fully-equipped earthmoving fleet and a team of highly experienced multi-skilled key personnel has enabled Sitzler to self-perform the majority of civil work in the past five years.
Sitzler’s ongoing success in the delivery of complex and challenging projects in remote and isolated locations has demonstrated their ability to overcome the unique challenges faced in such conditions whilst maintaining a record of on-time completion.
Importantly for a business delivering major projects in Australia’s north, Sitzler has maintained their commitment to respectively engage with local Indigenous communities at all levels across their projects.
This has allowed Sitzler to create significant employment opportunities and hands on experience for local Indigenous people.
Denita Wawn
CEO of Master Builders Australia


  1. I had the pleasure to work for Peter and Paul Sitzler as a ceiling contractor of many years.
    I have always found Peter and Paul very approachable, always honest in their dealings with me.
    Sitzler was one of the best companies to work for. A truly great company.

  2. I also had the pleasure of working for Peter & Paul Sitzler (RIP) as a carpenter on wages between 1976-1981 after working with a large interstate firm Barclay Bros.
    Having recently married and started a family, Sitzler Bros. provided me with employment and support at this important period in my life.
    The contrast between working for a small local builder Sitzlers and Barclays was significant.
    At the end of my first year with Sitzlers I was paid a small bonus, which helped with our growing family at the time.
    It is good to see they have continued to grow, improve and receive this major national award, well done Michael Sitzler and your team.

  3. I’m trying to write a book (my second) and wrote something on Sitzler Bros.
    In Tom and Pat (by Ivan Jordan OAM and Ed Kingston-Hesperian Press 2022) I find that:
    Paul Sitzler after having emigrated from Germany in 1963 had worked as a carpenter in Yuendumu in 1965. Tom (Fleming) had helped Paul in sponsoring Paul’s brother Peter to come to Australia. Tom and Paul became lifelong friends and in 1968 the construction firm of Sitzler Bros. built the Yuendumu Baptist church.
    Yet in the above article I find:
    Sitzler started in Alice Springs in 1957 as a partnership between brothers Peter and Paul Sitzler with remote area construction.
    Furthermore, in an ABC report from April 2017-I find:
    SITZLER BROS TO CLOSE: After 55 years operating in Alice Springs, construction company Sitzler Bros Pty Ltd is closing its operations.
    According to the statement, the closure of Sitzler Bros does not impact on its sister company, Sitzler Pty Ltd, operating in Darwin and Adelaide.
    That makes Sitzler Bros. having started in 1962.
    Can someone please help me untangle the contradictions? (Alex Nelson?)

  4. @ Frank Baarda: I referred to an old email from 20 April 2017 (at the time when Sitzler Bros. closed in Alice Springs) on the topic of the early years of the Sitzler brothers in Alice Springs, which is quoted in part below:
    “Was informed last night that the Sitzler brothers were sponsored in 1956 by local builder Dick Drogemuller. Paul and Peter Sitzler emigrated from Germany in 1955; Paul came to Alice Springs to work for Drogemuller in 1956 and Peter arrived here the following year. They went into business for themselves in 1958. Interesting to consider how the migration assistance schemes of the 1950s in this one instance led to such a massive direct influence on the economy and appearance of modern Alice Springs.
    “Peter Sitzler died in January 1992 following an 18 month battle with cancer. Paul Sitzler left town for SA a decade later, in February 2002, together with wife Minna, who was the first Deputy Administrator of the NT (appointed by CM Shane Stone). She was replaced by Pat Miller who still holds that position [retired in September 2021].
    “Michael Sitzler (son of Peter) was the managing director of Sitzler Bros. by the early 1990s. His younger sister Virginia was a classmate of mine during all my school years.”
    Hope this information is useful.

  5. Thanks Alex.
    That information was very useful. I have since contacted Ivan Jordan (the author of Tom and Pat). The 1963 date was wrong.
    Ivan has provided me with some more source material and together with your response I have a fair chance of getting my facts straight.


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