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Call to exempt principals from pay freeze

Sir – As the three key peak stakeholder organisations in NT public education we call on the NT Government to scrap a pay freeze being imposed on principals.
All 86 public school principals employed on executive contracts have been given until August 1 (TODAY) to agree to a three-year pay freeze, or face a four-year pay freeze on their next contract when their current contract ends.
We are concerned about the ramifications if this pay freeze goes ahead for principal recruitment, retention and morale, and the knock on effect this will have on schools and students.
The government should exempt principals from the pay freeze being imposed on public service executives, on the grounds that principals are frontline teaching staff who the Government said would be exempt from budget repair measures.
Our organisations believe that imposing the pay freeze will make it far more difficult to recruit and retain principals, as well as create inequities in salaries between principals and assistant principals.
We believe that the pay freeze fails to recognise the importance of the work of school principals and undervalues our contribution to the wider NT community.
It’s already very difficult to recruit quality principals to work in Territory schools.
Britany Roestenburg, Tabby Fudge (pictured) and Jarvis Ryan


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