New coalition gears up for NT election


The Seniors United Party (SUPA) is forming a coalition with the Australian Country Party (ACP) to contest next year’s NT election.
SUPA is a federally registered political party incorporating the Pensioner, Veterans & Seniors Party.
“SUPA stands for a fairer deal for seniors, veterans and the disabled in health, care, income and housing,” says a joint statement released today.
ACP Territory chair Eli Melky says in the statement: “Let’s not leave it up to the current lot who continue to trade on their brand’s past credibility, which in recent times has been sadly lacking.
“Having a political brand alone is just not good enough; you actually have to have someone who knows what they are doing to provide good government. It’s clear to me that the current lot have proven over and over that they are not capable of delivering accountable and transparent governance.”
IMAGE from the party’s website.


  1. NT Election: Current government wasted money and taxpayers suffer. Politicians must honour promises.


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