Three town councillors in Country Party push


p2522 Marli Banks 200A former WA Parliamentarian, Ian Britza, has moved to Alice Springs, joining town councillors Eli Melky, Marli Banks (at left) and Catherine Satour, and former CLP Deputy Chief Minister Peter Chandler, in a bid to promote the Australian Country Party (ACP) in the NT.
A media release from the party’s federal secretariat in South Australia says the party will contest the 2020 NT election, and quotes Mr Britza as saying: “We shall not leave it up to Greens alone to look after our environment, or the Liberals who say they alone can look after our economy nor do we leave it up to the ALP as the sole carers of our social issues.”
Mr Britza was twice elected to the WA parliament in the seat of Morley for the Liberal Party and joined the ACP in 2017, says the release.
AT RIGHT: Eli Melky
The party adds to right-of-centre political movements in the NT, including 1 Territory, and an alliance of independent members of the Legislative Assembly, Yingiya Guyula, and former CLP figures Robyn Lambley and Terry Mills.
2643 Catherine SatourThe ACP website list as its policies issues including the reduction of the cost of living, limiting the sell-off of Australian assets, assisting small business, manufacturing, agriculture, revive rural communities, accountable governments, access to public land for recreation, fair water and water rights legislation, fair trade with transition protection, balanced immigration policy, the ability of all Australians to feel safe in their country and Australia’s foundation values.
ABOVE: Catherine Satour
Mr Britza has been an acting Speaker of the WA Parliament, a member of its community development and justice committee for two terms, and a deputy chair of that committee during his second term.



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