Booze arrests but no 'significant incidents' at the Finke


2643 Commander Bradley Currie OKLETTER TO THE EDITOR
Sir – Police would like to commend the organisers, frontline responders, volunteers and participants involved in the Finke Desert Race for another fantastic event.
Over the course of the race about 3801 drivers were tested for alcohol at random breath testing stations with 18 of those drivers arrested and 14 issued with notices to appear in court. 42 were issued with traffic infringement notices and four were issued with drug infringement notices. 22 people were cautioned while three were taken into protective custody at the Alice Springs watch house.
Disappointingly, 13 drivers tested positive for drugs including one in control of a commercial passenger bus. 105 litres of alcohol were tipped out.
We were generally pleased with the behaviour of those attending the race.
“There were a couple of isolated incidents which were a result of poor crowd behaviour however those incidents were rectified by police.
Despite the crowd number being in the thousands, police were not called to respond to any significant incidents.
We would like to thank all involved in the Finke Desert Race and we hope that next year’s event to be even better.
Commander Bradley Currie (pictured)


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