'Gas-addicted Gunner insults traditional owners'


Sir – The NT Government’s travelling salesman approach to its deeply unpopular fracking policy is insulting to traditional owners and landholders in the Beetaloo Basin.
The gas-addicted Gunner Government announced it would soon embark on a tour of east coast cities, aiming to flog off NT gas resources to investors and representatives of the fossil fuel industry.
The move comes after it was revealed the NT Government was exposed as having plans to allow open air fracking wastewater dams, directly contradicting Fracking Inquiry recommendations.
It is insulting for government MPs to be flying around the country trying to sell off resources that if extracted would have a detrimental impact on locals.
We understand the Territory Government is broke, but fracking country to get at shale gas is only going to leave us worse off. You don’t destroy land and water for a quick buck.
We would like to see the government spend more on renewable energy like solar farms so we can have jobs and energy without destroying the country.
Locals in this part of the Territory do not support this move by the NT Government, and we want people on the East Coast to know that it does not have our consent.
The NT Government should not tie the Territory’s economic future to the boom and bust fossil fuels industry.
Fracking is the most expensive fossil fuel to extract and renewables are becoming cheaper every day. The government should be using this mechanism to attract investment in renewables, something of real long term benefit to the Territory economy.
The need for gas as a transition fuel has diminished, meaning there is no long term future for the industry in the NT.
The Territory Government’s rush to get it out of the ground at any cost is madness.
Mudburra Traditional Custodian Ray Dixon

Graeme Sawyers, Protect Country Alliance



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