Move School of the Air to Anzac High building


Sir – what is more iconic than the Alice Springs School-of-the-Air?
This first-ever but now world renowned system of education began here in Alice Springs. It was officially opened at the RFDS base on June 8, 1951, the first known school of its kind.
The school desperately needs bigger premises. I am reliably told it is bursting at the seams but cannot expand in its present location.
My suggestion is the contentious Anzac Hill High School building(s).
Why demolish such an integral part of Alice Springs education history when it could be given a new lease of life, and the School-of-the-Air return to its earlier location in its now expanded form?
Studios, classrooms, Anzac Oval for activities when children from remote areas meet infrequently, possibly accommodation for accompanying family members (I do not know how many rooms are involved); the Youth Centre is close by and could perhaps offer combined activities for these special occasions.
The building is within walking distance from the town’s CBD for the young and able. There is space for commuter bus drop-offs.
It is a refreshing setting for the thousands of visitors who annually actually do visit the School-of-the-Air. Interstate and overseas visitors are intrigued, fascinated and so interested in the concept of distance education.
How about rest facilities and a coffee shop?
Thus the building could be preserved and continue as a place of education – surely in keeping with the Anzac tradition.
Patricia Nelson
Alice Springs


  1. Why foist this asbestos ridden, abused, vermin infested, disrespected, hell hole on a world iconic education and tourist facility?
    The Anzac High School needs to be torn down. There are much more worthy sites for preservation and if the only thing that can be found to justify the retention of this eyesore is that it was once the home of the School of the Air then you are grasping at straws.
    The school has adequate space. The school visitors’ centre needs lots more room.
    To benefit the School of the Air build the gallery which will be a display gallery, not a commercial gallery.
    Convert the oval space from recreational to passive green space and attract more tourists to Alice Springs and Central Australia who will spend money.

  2. Classrooms for Qantas No 2 Pilot Training Academy? NT Government must sort law and order problems first.

  3. Great idea. Excellent for the tourists who do not have a car and or cannot afford a tour bus.

  4. @ Watch’n (Posted April 15, 2019 at 4:48 am): Remember when the Drive-in was de-listed? To make way for real estate? Wasn’t that a great development.

  5. What a wonderful, well-thought out and practical idea for re-purposing the old school, Ms Nelson. Which is why I think, sadly, it will never be accepted by our political decision-makers.


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