Oops, no heavy rain for Alice


2624 Trevor 1am
2624 Trevor 9am
2624 BOM 10amThere will be no heavy rain – if any – for Alice Springs in the wake of Cyclone Trevor as the system is breaking down unusually fast, according to Victoria-based independent weather forecaster Dennis Luke.
He says his forecast last week was based on on a reputable source but it failed to foresee the rapid changes.
Between 1am (top picture) and 9am (2nd picture) this morning the tropical low following the cyclone after landfall near Borroloola is seen splitting up.
The current map (3rd picture) showing rain puts The Alice at the edge of the system.
Cyclone Veronica can be seen making landfall in WA’s Pilbara coast.


  1. A person identifies as a Weather Forecaster so they are accepted as same?
    In that case, I identify as a Millionaire.
    [ED – Dear Formerlocal4, by careful reading of our report you would have discovered that we described Mr Luke as a “Victoria-based independent weather forecaster” who “says he is not a professional but over 22 years has predicted drought, storms and floods”.]

  2. What business plan can the Alice Springs Town Council design to make flood mitigation happen with NAIF finance?


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