Missing man found safe and well after 17 days


2606 Harold Morton OKHarold Morton (pictured), believed to have perished, has been found safe and well after being missing from a remote community north-east of Alice Springs since February 1.
The man was located by community members near Trew Bore, about 66 kilometres north-east of Ampilatwatja, around midday on Sunday.
He had last been seen outside Ampilatwatja around 6am on February 1.
Police conducted aerial and ground searches of the region for several days in an attempt to locate him but the search was called off due to extreme heat conditions.
Police say they are now making enquiries about the reasons for his disappearance.
Police would like to thank members of the public for their assistance, a spokeswoman says.
UPDATE 5.40pm
A community member says the family continued the search and Mr Morton was found by Alwyn Morton who is either his brother or his uncle.
Another community member says the search had been hampered by Mr Morton’s tracks being blown away in a strong wind.


  1. Police said they will interview Morton once he has recovered to learn more about his 17-day disappearance, including how he was able to survive in the extreme conditions. ???
    The same way that Aborigines used to survived in Australia before the white settlers came.


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