After The Apology


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I wrote this last year, at the time of the 10th anniversary of the National Apology to the Stolen Generations. Another anniversary (13 February)  has just passed and it’s as relevant as it ever was.
Ann Davis
Alice Springs
For the loudness of my words and the silence of my intent, I apologise.
For the clanging of my ego, the crash of my self-interest, I apologise.
For my sustained comfort that can’t feel your pain, I apologise.
For my diminished humanity that masquerades as concern, I apologise.
For my fear at what being sorry might look like, I apologise.
For the sense of superiority that holds up dominance, I’m sorry.
For the bastardised remnants of your cultural pride, I apologise.
For your endless search for self worth in the scrap heaps of our judgement,
I apologise.
For our benign, wishy-washy gestures, I ask forgiveness.
For the pressure to seek value by aping the colonizer, I feel shame.
To walk under the giant spam can of power, I cringe.
To live beside a tribute to the fallen that ignores the war you lost, I feel lesser.
For guilt, for not enough guilt, for sham, for shame, I’m ashamed.
For calling a political act an apology, an end that could have been a beginning,
I hang my head.
For going on and on like your endless pain…
… the facts remain.


  1. I’m glad to see there are those that didn’t buy it.
    I’m sorry to note that so many did, and still do.

  2. Ann and Frank, yes, they are just words and actions speak louder than words and they have, in the opposite way, with the abandonment of Aboriginal people and an ever widening of the Gap.
    The Uluru Statement was rejected with no apologies.
    Aboriginal people have been made voiceless.
    Aboriginal affairs has been centralised back in Canberra with people having no care, clue or understanding, its reinventing of the wheel stuff again while Aboriginal people sink lower into crime and other behaviours.


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