Snooping bureaucrats, clinics for Aborigines only


Sir – Yesterday a gentleman from a government agency came to our door and asked if we had Aborigines living with us.
Then he asked if next door had some. When asked the reason for this he said the government needs to know were Aborigines live.
What is the meaning of this?
A clinic has opened its door near me. I want to put my name down, but I was told it is for Aborigines only.
I protested in Africa  (Gabon) against  apartheid. I protested in France (1968) for freedom of speech and equality for all.
Are we going backward? Are we really closing the gap?
Until we have real freedom to choose our accommodation, our clinics, our solicitors, they will never be US.
May be like Pauline I say: “Please explain why we still have apartheid in Australia.”
Evelyne Roullet
Alice Springs



  1. The Commonwealth continues its support, promotion and practice of apartheid, exercising racial discrimination upon Australians.
    The Commonwealth claims its racial segregation of my family is to help us.

  2. Interesting, however you will mostly find that if you call into the clinic itself (Congress, I suppose) they will allow you to book in for an appointment if you wish as I have done. They themselves say they cannot discriminate.
    [ED – We invited Congress yesterday to comment but have not received a reply.]

  3. Thanks, Local 1, but I asked Donna Ah Chee herself the day of the opening. She told me it’s for Indigenous people only. I told her I live next door and I don’t mind to share with Aborigines. Illness doesn’t discriminate.

  4. Ms Roullet is usually very vocal on those that use pseudonyms always invoking words of disdain for those that do – unless it seems you agree with her.
    But the funny thing is, this interesting sidelight is a direct comparison with people on “issues of concern” when asked for proof of the latest “hot topic” all we tend to receive are cry’s of “denier” and denunciations of the opposing viewpoint.
    Go figure.

  5. This apartheid that some claim exists along with the racism that does exist is in my opinion instigated by Aboriginal entities against and to the detriment of white Australians. Did we not see in Parliament that it is not OK to be white? Yes, we did.


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