Alice in thrall of week-long sports extravaganza


2588 Masters Games wide OK
Alice loves a parade. A parade is what the Mall is great at. And the big clouds hanging around thought the better of raining on this one.
So last night 4000 athletes and crew, locals and from around the nation, strutted their stuff in the Masters Games opening on a beautiful spring evening, suggesting a few more adjectives for the event that could be added to “friendly”: Try crazy, imaginative, cheeky.
2588 Masters Games medals OKThe seven day fest for the always young sport aficionados has been staged in Alice every two years since 1986, the second of its kind in the world after Toronto, Canada.
It will have the town in its thrall with 800 volunteers helping to stage competitions in 36 sports, going all out for these medals.
2588 Masters Games 11 OK
2588 Masters Games 12 OK
2588 Masters Games 10 OK
2588 Masters Games 1 OK
2588 Masters Games 5 OK
2588 Masters Games 4 OK
2588 Masters Games 2 OK
2588 Masters Games 13 OK
2588 Masters Games 7 OK
2588 Masters Games 9 OK
2588 Masters Games 6 OK


  1. The Masters Games has been a great initiative over the years. Many good people have been associated with its organisation and all are to be congratulated.
    Above all else the games place a positive focus on togetherness and inspiration in the community as we grow older.
    For inspiration, it does not come much more magnificent than the wonderful effort by Dicky Kimber in the 100m track event in the 2018 Games on the weekend.
    The lad is a living example of loving life and all it has to offer. Every step of that 100m was gold. Wish I could have been there to see it.

  2. Yes, John Bell, you are so spot on with your comments here.
    I was fortunate to witness Dick’s effort on Rhonda Diano Oval yesterday.
    Dick was supported by Emma Kraft (Sport Medicine) and an enthusiastic crowd of fellow athletes and supporters. Well done, Dick Kimber.

  3. I think the Games has progressed very well under the guidance of Jim Lawrie and his team.
    I have a relative here competing in netball for the first time from WA.
    She has been blown away by the event, the vibe in the town, the facilities we have to offer, and the sheer fun it is.
    We have done the touristy thing and put some money back into the town, hoping all the businesses in town are enjoying he benefit these visitors.
    What a wonderful event to have.
    Thanks to Dawn and Darrell, all the ambassadors, the volunteers and the NT Government for your support for our town.

  4. @ Bob Taylor: Thank you for that, mate. You mention three great Alician names in sport – past, present and future: Rhonda, Dick and Emma.
    Three wonderful ambassadors who have enriched and continue to grow Alice’s proud sporting heritage.


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